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HPI Type Query (Maybe one for RichUK)

Home Forums Buying a Car HPI Type Query (Maybe one for RichUK)

This topic contains 5 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Avatar – none – 6 years, 3 months ago.

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    – none –

    Just been looking at some used cars and run an Autotrader Vehicle Check on one.

    It’s been flagged up as having a problem which was the plate was changed in 2007 to (what looks to be) a personalised one but the picture on the garage website shows it on the plate it had in 2007.

    Should I be worried? It’s not shown it’s been changed back on the report. I know some people chop their ‘plates about a bit and then switch back to a standard number when they sell on etc.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    There is sometimes a delay between the DVLA recording a plate change and it showing up on an HPI or Experian check. The dealer may have already fitted the original plates in anticipation of receiving the logbook after the plate change, but not have received it yet.

    In any case, the dealer can’t release the car until they have the correct logbook, but they can still sell it pending receipt of the logbook. The first thing a dealer will usually do is get the car’s photos up on the website, and they may have simply put the new plates on immediately rather than change them later on.

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    – none –

    Hi Stuart.

    Thing is the reports states the number was changed from a standard to personalised plate in August 2010.

    But no mention of when it was changed back to the plate it had in 2007, which it’s showing in the pictures. The car’s been advertised for a good few months too.

    Here’s what it says:

    Dates Changed:

    VRM: Y30JAB – 05/08/2010

    VRM: YA53HUZ – 28/04/2007

    Confused why it was changed in 2007 as it’s a 2003 car.

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    – none –

    Can’t say I have a great knowledge of HPI reports. It sounds like the VRM issue is fairly innocent and if the service history, chassis number etc adds up, it’s probably a safe bet. But… there ate plenty of cars on the market and if you have ANY doubts, there is no reason not to look elsewhere.

    What are you thinking of buying?

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    – none –

    Hey Rich. Yes probably innocent but might take a swerve on it as there’s plenty out there as you say. It was actually another Corolla. I’ve got £3k for a new car as mine’s getting past it’s use by date. I liked the colour of that one and mine’s been a great motor so I’d have another one. But I fancy something different though so going to view a 2004 Focus Edge 3 door tomorrow. It’s a 1.6 and have heard they’re a bit thirsty.

    I really need a Fiesta or Clio diesel or something as I need to save on fuel but I can’t quite bring myself to do it! I’m still resisting the urge to get an MX-5 or MR2. I know I know… 8-O

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    – none –

    1.6 petrol Focus is one i would avoid, gutless and thirsty. I would opt for a 1.8 diesel Focus which is what we drive at work (moved to Astras now). 115bhp and 50mpg not over optimistic. It’s not as smooth or quiet as the 110bhp 1.6 but it has that little bit more torque for overtaking.

    You can pick up an ’05 for £3-£4k with under 80k on the clock. They get abused a lot at work but still come back for more. The interior of the Mk2 is much more to my taste and also pretty bullet proof. Not to mention great to drive. The downside is the ride is not fantastic and it’s not that exciting to look at but then again, you’ll have moved up from a Corolla in the excitement stakes! :wink:

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