I didn’t get back the deposit after I’d purchased a new car

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      Beatrice Radu

      Hi everybody!My husband decided to buy a car 2 weeks ago.(he’s looked for part exchanging with his old car).I’d phoned the dealer,our finance agreement was accepted and the deposit was the value of the old car,which the dealer evaluated without to see the car.I’d told him that on Autotrader we’ve got a quote of £7070 and the dealer offered £6800 and we’ve agreed.The dealer asked me to pay £500 deposit to secure the purchase of the new car,telling me that,after we’ll get the car,the deposit will be transferd back in my bank account.(the conversation was over the phone).I’d paid straight.Last Saturday we went to get the new car,we left the old one but the dealer didn’t check in any way(the car was spotless for its age and worked very well).We’ve got the new car and we’ve been happy&excited and we’ve forgot to ask about the deposit and they didn’t mention.On Tuesday (Bank Holiday Monday) I’d phoned and I’d felt some hesitation in the dealer voice but he said that my deposit it will be back in my account during the week.I’d checked my account on Saturday and still nothing.I’d phoned the dealer and he said I’ll not get the deposit back because there was some oil leaks in my old car and the bill for fix the issue was £1000.He said we have to split the bill and I’ll not get back my deposit.He said it was noticed on the old car MOT.How do I trust them now and any chance to get back my deposit?It happened to somebody else?Thank you in advance!

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Beatrice. The dealer is a lying ***hole. Unfortunately, he knows that trying to take action against him will probably cost you more than £500 so he’s hoping you won’t bother.

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      tanveer khan

      I have paid a deposit to Tesla for the new car, unfortunately the finance did not go through, and now Tesla is refusing to pay back the deposit I paid to them, is there a legal way to get it back?

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        Stuart Masson

        Hello Tanveer. Usually, a dealer will refund you the deposit if the contract cannot be completed.

        In the first instance, I’d suggest hassling the dealer – call the sales manager, the general manager or dealer principal and generally be as annoying as possible (while remaining perfectly polite) until they give you your money back.

        If they simply refuse, you will need to consider whether you want to take legal action against the dealership to recover your deposit. There’s no guarantee you’d win, and even if you do, it may still cost you more than you’ll get back once you add in legal fees.

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      Hi, im having the same issue now kind of.

      so i picked up my new car from the car dealers 2 weeks ago now, everything is fine with the car. My old car that i part exchanged was pretty much brand new (was a 2018 VW beetle) got MOT till June 2020 and i was the first car owner (no dents, leaks issues not even any bad scratches). they took £500 deposit and said we would get the deposit back after we picked up the new car that was 2 weeks ago and we still havent got the money back we have tried calling them every day and each day they keep saying it will be in your account by the end of the day.

      they havent said there is anything wrong with my old car and keep saying they are sorry and that the £500 will be refunded back into our account (but still nothing).

      is there anything legally/regulation wise that i can say to them on the phone to scare them in a way so that they no im not messing anymore? like can i say under act… it states you have to refund the deposit if the new car is picked up and there is no faults for the old car?? please help

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