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If i wanted to live in monochrome Germany i would …

Home Forums Any Other Business If i wanted to live in monochrome Germany i would …

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    – none –

    I work on a large industrial estate with many units, with the company i work for in part of a much larger serviced office.

    In this recent glorious sunshine we have been going out for a wander at lunch and, as usual, i’m checking out all the cars in the car parks.

    I despair. Audi’s, BMW’s, MB’s in all shapes and sizes (well 2.0l diesels prob) and all in variations of white, silver, grey or black. Like i said, if i wanted to live in monochrome Germany i would, but i rather like Britain despite its foibles.

    So why? Why do people only buy German and why are they all monochrome?

    How did we get here?

    I know modern engines, low emissions, low lease rates etc. blah, blah, blah.

    But at least answer me why are they all monochrome pls.

    [speaking as an owner of a bright red Alfa and a duller red ATR)

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    – none –

    Maybe you are just working in the wrong place?

    Just today I have passed by a purple McLaren MPWhatsit, and seen a yellow Spider (which is a very pretty thing). An E63 AMG in an unfortunate shade of metallic green and a new Bosxter in yellow.

    I was passed by a Twizzy done up in RBR F1 livery and a red 360.

    Naturally they are spread between lots of black, grey and silver, but it’s easy enough to filter out. Think of it another way. It’s nice and sunny here in London. That means fewer and lighter clothes are worn. More often than not that is a good thing, and should be encouraged, but sometimes it can reveal a genuine horror.

    I love sunny London.

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    – none –

    Harf, I agree. Was going past a few new car dealerships on the weekend, and the vast majority of cars were silver, grey and black.

    On the positive side, it made the odd red car really stand out and look fantastic!

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    – none –

    As the owner of a Racing Green Toyota Celica I couldn’t agree more. The problem with these monochrome German brands is the fact a lot of buyers (or leasers) believe they’re making a lifestyle choice rather than just buying a car. They want all the connotations that come with it. ‘My boss once owned a gun metal grew Merc, he was a stinking rich, successful guy with a gorgeous wife. Maybe if I buy a similar car the same thing will happen.’ That is why the countries industrial estates are full of monochrome German cars, monochrome German cars and broken dreams.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    The paranoia about resale value means that people are loathe to pick a car they think will reduce its value in 3 years’ time. Ironically, with so many people funding their car via lease or PCP, it shouldn’t really matter. Personally, I’d much rather see a more colourful car marketplace.

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    – none –

    It’s because it’s often seen as a sign of wealth in Britain, if you see a guy driving past in German Car, you’ll think, “Oh, he’s doing well”, if you see someone drive past in a Smart Car, you’ll be significantly less impressed…

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