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      Robert Knowles

      recently went to a garage to purchase a second hand car. The salesman had managed to find the car i required after taking my details of my trade in he gave me figures on HP asked if I was happy he then asked for a £200 deposit which I paid he then printed off paper work with the details of my HP agreament with deposit on it aswell as my trade in I had to wait 5 days until my car was ready 2hrs before collecting my car the salesman phoned me to say there was bad news he had put thru the wrong price he had put thru another car we had looked at which was £2000 cheaper so my payments have now changed they up by another £25 a month I have argued with them but the best they can do is give a low APR of 3% anyone no how I stand. They have been very helpful.
      Can anyone help

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Robert. If the dealer is admitting its own fault in calculating your payments, you should have no problems in cancelling the purchase and getting your deposit back.

      These errors happen, and ultimately you have the choice of a) walking away, b) accepting their revised payment terms, or c) negotiating further to reduce the payment increase.

      The only thing to be aware of is to make sure you’re comfortable that it was a genuine error rather than a dodgy sales ploy. It’s probably not, but be on your guard to make sure they’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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      Hi I viewed a car online, rang the dealer and agreed to pay the advertised price agreed a deposit and stated the rest would be paid when the car was viewed. I paid the agreed deposit online . My understanding was that this verbal agreement and deposit constituted a legal purchase contract. The dealership have since emailed stating they “ priced the car wrong on the advertisement” (it was advertised st same price on mutliple online sales pages ). The initial price was discussed in the phonecall. Is there any legal obligation for them to sell at the price we had agreed on phone, or are they allowed to increase the price as they see fit?? Thanks in advance

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        Robert Knowles

        Thanks for replying Stuart,
        It was a genuine mistake on the salesman part I have kept the car and excepted there offer of 3% APR.
        I just wondered after paying deposit & signing paper work to secure car
        That I might of been right to keep to the original price. I did feel bad for the salesman as he was new & didn’t want him to loose his job.
        Kind regards

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      Nasar Hussain

      Hi Last week went to order a new Mercedes mobility car. Deposit of £200 of £1300. Today the dealer tells me the price has gone up to £1599.
      What can I Do?


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