Is a ‘reservation fee’ to test drive refundable?

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      AvatarVicki Burgess

      After paying a ‘reservation fee’ to test drive a car, i was unfortunately not able to do so due to a change in circumstances., despite my noting the car still remained ‘on sale’ on the website for the duration of the days prior to the test drive. I sent £100 via bank transfer, plus have explained I am unable to test drive now due to change in circumstances and the distance to get there. The e-mails have dried up from the dealer and no refund appeared. As the car remained on sale, they technically could have still sold it. I had viewed it online and was verbally told by the salesman, if when I drove it I ‘did not like e.g. the colour’ they would refund my money. Where do I stand please? Should I give the dealership a call, or a review warning others?

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      AvatarDag Hammar

      You could if you were so inclined to, phone the dealer and arrange a test drive. Then after the test drive say that you do not like the car and directly ask for your deposit back. If they then refuse you should go online and issue a moneyclaim. The online fee for amounts up to £300 is only £25. That does not mean they would cave in and give you your £100 back but a CCJ recorded against them could cause them problems and for me that would be satisfying.

      On a separate note, this is a problem that has cropped up on this forum many times. I am always surprised at how people are prepared to take someone’s word when involved in a financial transaction. Always best to use email and then if any promises are made at least you have them in print which strengthens your position if and when things go wrong.

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        AvatarVicki Burgess

        Thanks for the advice, Dag. I do have an e-mail thread with the dealer as I tried to test drive and was unable to go on the date. They replied saying they would ‘balance the deposit against whatever I purchased’- however, they are now not responding to my messages telling them I am not able to test drive until at least New Year. I feel as a novice car buyer, I should have read this forum first, but hey ho, you live and learn, No receipt for funds was issued either, so I suppose I am not covered by any trading standards etc. I will ring and try to reason with them. Thanks again V.

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