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      AvatarHannah Stone

      Hi, recently taken delivery of a 57-plate Land Rover Defender (I am still within the 30-day rejection period). Having had rain, I have discovered that it leaks –  and not just in one place. The passenger door leaks, the driver’s door leaks, I have water ingress underneath the dashboard which drips down over the accelerator pedal, the back passenger side window leaks in two places.

      It possibly appears to me that the headlining has been replaced prior to sale to potentially ‘hide’the evidence that the fro t doors leak.

      I have been in touch with the dealers, who cannot fit it in until April 6th.

      Where do I stand in rejecting this vehicle? In my opinion, it is not fit for purpose. Any advice welcome!
      Ha. Ah

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Hannah. If you believe the car is not fit for sale, you should proceed with a rejection while you are within your 30-day window. You can always change your mind afterwards, but if you wait beyond 30 days, the dealer can charge for usage and wear & tear if the rejection proceeds.

      I’d suggest visiting Land Rover owners forums and asking about leaks from fellow owners. Build quality was never a strong point of Land Rover (and still isn’t, according to most industry surveys). If it’s an inherent problem to your model, it will reduce your chances of successfully being able to reject the car.

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