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London Congestion Charge

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Interesting to read that the London congestion charge is being tightened up from 1 July. The current threshold for CC exemption is 100g/km of CO2, but this will be cut to 75g/km.

    This will rule out virtually every car which is currently exempt, unless it is a pure EV or range-extender vehicle. Ironically, filthy and archaic cabs and buses will continue to be exempted while a tiny smart car will now have to pay, despite causing significantly less ‘congestion’ due to its tiny size.

    Is there a better solution? I think my beef is probably more to the misnomer of the thing – it should really be called a Toll Zone or something, since the criteria for who is charged and who is exempted seems to be motivated by political concerns rather than environmental or genuine traffic concerns.

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    – none –

    i cant see how it can be a congestion charge when its based on CO2, and not congestion.
    But if you are currently driving a car under 100g/km you still have 3 years to buy one under 75g/km before it starts to cost you. Although no conventional cars are under this yet, inside of 3 years i am sure things like the Yaris hybrid will be able to get down to that level.
    It all makes me very pleased i never drive any where near London

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    – none –

    Does anyone see this as anything other than a local tax?

    The worry regarding the co2 goalposts changing is that undoubtedly this will eventually be the case for VEL as the income generated from this tax continues to fall.

    But the way co2 is measured really needs to change to be more realistic. I guarantee you that if you car produces 120g/km ‘officially’, that you will produce an awful lot more. And like mpg figures, it can be misleading. A Range Rover is much closer to it’s official co2 output than a diesel Ford Focus and quite often the Focus can have a greater co2 output than the Ronnie!

    Saving the world? My arse.

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