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Loud snapping sound as I got into car, scraping sound when I try to drive

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      As I got into my car today I heard a loud cracking/snapping sound. I had not started the ignition at this point. I checked all the tyres in case one had burst, but all are ok. No warning lights showed when I started the ignition, but when I drove there was a loud scraping sound, as though something was dragging. I stopped at once. There is nothing hanging down below the car. The front of the car seems quite low to the ground (although I have never really paid attention to it before so this may be normal). Anyone have any idea what broke?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Fi. Have a look inside your wheel arches. It may be that a piece of cladding under there has broken and is scraping against the suspension or wheels, that’s why it’s not visible under the vehicles.

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      Frank Bunce

      It sounds like one of your front suspension springs has broken, the same thing happened to me as I drove my car out of the garage in very cold weather. Try to shine a torch up under the wing on both sides to see if a spring is displaced. You have done the right thing in not driving the car as a broken and displaced spring can cut into your tyre with disastrous results. What doesn’t help is that most suspension springs do not have flattened ends where they meet their housings which puts stress on the springs.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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