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      Im looking for some advice

      I have owned a Mazda 6 diesel (148bhp) since new, its a 14 plate with 59k miles.

      Recently it had an issue with the turbo, the Engine management light(EML) came on, puffs of white smoke from the exhaust, the recover state it was a turbo under boost issue.

      The car was purchased from Mazda, fully serviced by Mazda at the correct times, so to cut a long story short they had the car for 3 weeks +. Stripped the engine to check for damage and found the turbo had excessive play beyond specification. cleaned all the pipes out, re-learned the injectors and reset all data.

      Brilliant, Mazda were brilliant and I even got a contribution towards the £3200 cost.

      Anyway, 2 months later and around 2.5k the smoke out of the rear tail pipe started again and the EML was back on.

      The car was recovered again back to Mazda, its been 3 weeks now and all I know is the Mazda advice was that when setting the torque levels as specified by central Mazda they were not correct.
      I believe they are waiting of a fix from head office, how long do I wait? what’s my rights?

      The recovery man (a independent) explained these cars are great but after a certain age they recover a lot that have broken down, I should consider changing it due to the issues with them?

      Thoughts or comments please?
      How long do I give the garage?
      Would these issues of caused other faults or keep repeating?

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