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      AvatarJonathan Turner

      Hi, I have found 2 similar Mercedes C Classes that I am thinking about buying.

      Both are 65-plate C Classes that have done circa 16,000 miles and are both on offer for about £15k. One is the 1.6 L Diesel engine, the other is the 2.0L petrol engine. I am buying in cash.

      The diesel is about 130 bhp and the petrol is 184 bhp so obviously the petrol will accelerate faster but it will also be less fuel efficient than the diesel.

      I currently have a diesel and believe them to be more durable engines and more fuel efficient. But on the other hand in the last few years I have heard a lot about diesels and respiratory conditions etc and moves to tax diesels more.

      At the moment diesels still seem to be more popular than petrol despite the bad publicity.

      But I tend to buy cars and keep them for about 10 years before I replace them so given the future uncertainty I am thinking petrol is better choice even if it means I pay more in running costs

      Any thoughts?


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      I’m no expert, but with regards to fuel, both give out dangerous emissions. Dieselgate certainly has harmed the industry. As for Road Tax, atm they can’t change previous tax bands, so for a 65 plate teh tax should be the same in 10 years time (albeit laws may change to allow changes)

      In terms of fuel efficiency, Diesel seems to be better. Lets say a Diesel car does 50Mpg and a Petrol does 32Mpg. Doing 10K Miles per year roughly a Diesel may consume £1,172.76 worth of fuel per year, where as Petrol may consume £1,832.43 (Rough calculations based on todays average fuel costs). So Diesel is cheaper to run, or is it? Diesels are heavier and generally wear out front tyres more (based on my experience vs petrol car on the same road and route) but Diesels are more durable over time vs Petrol, we’re talking 80k+ miles here.

      But All car buying is a gamble, especially used car buying as it really does depend on the previous owners maintenance routine.

      By the way I’m in the same position, Petrol or Diesel? But with a much older car, so interested in hearing other opinions too :D

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