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Mis-sold Diesel with DPF problems (Range Rover Evoque)

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      Jackie Walsh

      I raised a complaint about my new car, a Range Rover Evoque, purchased in March 2017.

      This vehicle although brand new went in for repair on the 19/6/2017 for a DPF (diesel particulate filter) fault and regeneration. I was told by the recovery technician that it was the way I drive it. This was despite me telling him my previous car was also a Range Rover Evoque owned from new that I had for 3 years driven in the same way and mileage with service records to support this but never encountering this problem. I was given no advice or explanation when I collected my car.

      Less than 8 weeks later the same fault occurred. This is the 2nd fault in a 5-month-old car and I contacted the dealer and the manufacturer to reject the vehicle

      Initially, I was asked by the dealer to take the vehicle back and test it. I refused on the grounds that despite my job requires some motorway journeys this was happening only days after I had undertaken 100 mile journeys on motorways but also I did not purchase a vehicle that I would have to build in journeys on a weekly basis as this is how often the DPF light was coming on changing to red and losing power.

      I was warned when I purchased this vehicle about the AdBlue. I was never warned about anything else. In fact, on 2 occasions I raised with the dealer concerns with diesels given media coverage and was assured both occasions I had nothing to worry about. My previous Evoque was also a diesel with no problems.

      Manufacturer initially said they were doing some figures for refund. I was also asked would I consider having another Range Rover but would not commit. I have been contacted today by a different person in Land Rover to say that it is not a fault but it’s the way I drive it. I have rejected this and requested all the information be sent to me by email.

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      stuart 2022Stuart Masson

      Hi Jackie. Based on your description of your driving, I wouldn’t expect the DPF to be filling up and requiring manual regeneration in that time. It sounds like there may be a more fundamental problem with the vehicle.

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        donna Eva breen


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        Just had my evoke towed away in csnberra.
        Have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for a fault with the DPFilter.
        2nd time in 6 months.
        Part coming from America????

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      I have had exactly the same problem with my Evoque which I received new around 19 May 2017.
      Around mid July 2017 the DOG warning came on
      While on my way home late one night. I was approximately 3 miles from home but the car went into restricted mode before I reached home.
      It has since been back to the dealers no less than 4 times where it would remain for between 2 to 4 weeks being repaired.

      I’m still in conversation with Jaguar Land Rover about the problem. Have you resolved the issue with yours?

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      I have had exactly the same problem with my Evoque which I received new around 19 May 2017.
      Around mid July 2017 the DPF warning came on
      While on my way home late one night. I was approximately 3 miles from home but the car went into restricted mode before I reached home.
      It has since been back to the dealers no less than 4 times where it would remain for between 2 to 4 weeks being repaired.

      I’m still in conversation with Jaguar Land Rover about the problem. Have you resolved the issue with yours?

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      I have had a similar problem with my Evoque purchashed in January 2017. It initially went in under manufacturers warranty in August 2017. I have had the same DPF lights come on recently, called Land Rover assistance and they sent out the AA. He hooked it up to the diagnostic computer and we went for a drive to try and clean out the DPF. Funnily enough there seemed to be a problem with the cleaning system, the on board computer says drive at 40mph for about 20 mins, well we did this and the temperature was getting nowhere near high enough to start clearing the DPF. In fact it was still building up! The temperature showing was around 250 degrees, the AA guy was telling me it had to go up to around 600 in order to start clearing it, and the only way we could achieve this was by driving at around 50-60mp in 3rd gear revving it past 3000rpm constantly. Anyways later that night I took it out for a spin driving at 70mph on the motorway in 4th gear, hoping the DPF would clear out, what I was doing before driving at low revs in the motorway assuming it was clearing the DPF, now so far no more DPF light has come on…yet!

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      Hi, my wife took delivery (on contract hire) of a new diesel manual Evoque in December 2016 (replacing an existing diesel manual Evoque she had for 4 years). Within 2 weeks of driving the car developed a fault i.e. reduced performance, dealer took it in for repair since the first fault the Evoque has now been in for repair 7 times in 12 months and been off the road for 192 days in the year!

      LR dealership have replaced the DPF filter twice however we continue to experience the same persisting problem of regular warning lights saying “exhaust filter full” we were advised by the dealer that we must take the car out for 20 mins constant drive on a dual carriageway to burn off the particles in order to regenerate the DPF.

      My wife does mainly city driving however we have done a number of long distant journeys too and DPF warning would illuminate after 3 days driving… the problem has persisted. LR provided courtesy cars during the 192 days the Evoque was off the road for repair and guess what we had no problem with the courtesy cars.

      In Dec 2017 the car developed again reduced performance, (along with winter tyre pressure issues and other faults) and had more lights illuminated on the dashboard than a Christmas tree simply ridiculous!

      LR now refuse to repair the Evoque (or provide courtesy vehicle) and have intimated they will only repair if we pay despite the car being under warranty. The reason they have given is that my wife’s driving style is to blame for the ongoing DPF fault occurring.

      If it was my wife’s driving style…?
      -Why did the fault not occur with her previous Evoque of 4 years
      -Importantly why did the fault not occur in any of the Evoques courtesy vehicles she has had for over 6 months

      The Evoque has been MISOLD didn’t come with any driving style warnings, BE AWARE if you are thinking of buying one!

      The local dealer informally advised us to reject the Evoque which we have now formally done, the current position with the Evoque it has been parked on our drive for over 4 months (not driveable), LR refuse to repair despite car being under warranty (unless we pay). It is in essence ARVAL (hire company) with a volume relationship with a manufacturer getting together in a well trodden path to crush our efforts.

      So what we have done…
      – Keep going with bundles of energy until we get a car rejection and full refund
      – Written to ARVAL and LR no satisfactory outcome yet
      – Lodged a compliant with the financial ombudsman (currently being investigated)
      – Raising awareness on forums like this
      – Raised with BBC watchdog
      – Starting a campaign to warn other buyers and users so they avoid this issue

      I wish you all the best and if you do have any tips an hints to share please do pass on.

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        Hi Iftikar, I’m inspired by your acheavement and the out come of your complaint.
        Can you give me the name of the independent engineer you used, I would also like to use him as I have the same faults with my Evoque as you did.
        If it’s possible can you sent me a copy of your report as I would like to read it.
        Thanks Chris

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        `Hi Iftikar, I’m inspired by your achievment and the out come of your complaint.
        Can you give me the name of the independent engineer you used, I would also like to use him as I have the same faults with my Evoque as you did.
        If it’s possible can you sent me a copy of your report as I would like to read it.
        Thanks Chris

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        Heather Allen

        I also have a 2017 Evoque with same sort of problems plus others, some minor some dangerous. Have been complaining about this cars problems (I too have had previous Diesel Evoques with no problems). Rejected the car, in writing several times in first 6 months. Got passed from pillar to post by dealership and Land Rover who finally came up with “reject of car not accepted as it was past the first 12 months! (despite them having a whole file of emails regarding the many problems) and was offered £300 of B & Q Vouchers!
        Took car to new dealership and was charged £200+ for a new filter at first inspection!
        There is obviously something dreadfully wrong with this batch of Evoques – and we are all being let down by the vehicles, the dealerships and Land Rover! Is there anyway ‘collectively’ we could get some redress?
        My car is now approaching 2 years and my best solution is to try to get a good trade in deal and start afresh!

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      Jackie, I have just posted a lengthy explanation of DPF fault with my wife’s evoque similar to yours…how have you got on?

      Issue resolved or still outstanding?



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        Lauren Harrison

        Hi. We are having the exact same problem from our 2016 rr evoque. Started with Adblu issue, then squeaky breaks in the winter, which took 12 months for them to repair as they didnt believe me. We had to film the squeaking as it only happened in the rain!!!
        Various Dpf warnings which up untill last week were sorted out by following the on screen advice.
        I was out last week when the amber warning came on. before i left the car park 2 mins latee, the warning was red.
        Had rr assist out who said it needed replacing and to wait for a call from local dealership.
        Local dealership hadnt called 2 days later, so i called them who said they couldnt do anything for 2 months and to ring rr assist again for recovery as they could arrange a hire car.
        Did that and two days later we were sortes with a hire car under the pretence of it being covered by our guarantee.
        My husband has just recieved a call from local dealer to say it is my driving style that has caused the issue so it wont be covered by guarantee and it will be £1600!!
        I am disgusted!
        We are currently waiting for a supervisor to call back. But wanted advise and experiences from others? Thanks

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        Stephen line

        Hi ,
        My story is very simalar to yours except my car is in JLR
        And they want £1750 to put right I am seriously thinking of leaving it there and cancelling my lease payments ,
        Until it’s repaired under my warranty / maintenance plan .

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        Neil Hawksworth

        Got a brand new evoque in nov 2016, had 2 new turbos fitted within its first 5 months and only having done 1913 miles.
        Then aug 2017 egr cooler and dpf replaced.
        Had no problem then for 8 months till april 2018 then major dpf replacements may,july,sept and in again now in november. However they are not repairing it this time I have been told and they want me to pay £2100 to get it fixed. Car has only done 10658 miles at nearly 2 years old. I lease the car and paid £1800 up front and £300 each month to be told I have the wrong drive cycle for this car. However I have done regens when the car asked for this. Done 46 mile journey that I did not need to on oct 22nd and got temp up to optimum and had just under 1/2 a tank of fuel and then drove 41 miles over 55 mins keeping over 40 miles per hour as required. Then 8 days later and 112 miles the amber light came on asking for regen over 20 mins at 20mph. I thought strange so cont JLR assist, arranged to come out the day after. Drove 2 miles from daughter and red light came on.
        No regen could be forced. How come light shown after 112 miles as it states 300-900km.
        My drive cycle did not change Aug 2017 to April 2018 so how come having so many DPF faults now.
        I even took photos but they are just not looking at these as no amber light for 8 days.
        A very stressed Evoque driver that knows all the staff at Guy Salmon, Wakefield.


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      Ann Marie

      I am having the same issues with my vehicle purchased may 2017 I have just returned from a trip to Nottingham overnight 300 round trip on the motorway 3 days later the car told me that the filter was full. Spoke to dealer and said it is my driving. I have requested data files as I feel like I am being fobbed off now so taking this complaint as far as I can. I love my car but I am on my 6th here car while they sort. I have worked really hard to get this car and it is so upsetting to be told that it is my driving. 5 times in two weeks I took it for a run to clear this system and yet it my fault.

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      single barrel

      Such an interesting thread. I have a Range Rover Sport which I bought new on a 65 plate. I have had no less than 19 breakdowns with the car spending weeks on end in the workshop. As always been told it’s my driving style even though the dpf light comes on every 150 miles. I was given a Vogue as a courtesy car with the same SDV6 engine. I had the car for 10 weeks and covered 4000 miles without a single DPF fault.

      Escalated to the executive office and spoke to Lorraine Brookes who was useless, knows nothing about Land Rover products, and offered a meal for 2 as a gesture of good will. Now in the process of pursuing JLR through the courts.

      I have created a basic blog at http://www.rangeroverdpf.com detailing my problems. Please share and distribute on social media as JLR will not help these customers until they start losing sales as a result.

      Their conduct and attitude towards customers with these DPF issues is disgusting.

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        Just to let you know. I have taken my 2017 evoque tanother garage for a diognostic and they have infinformed me that there is the dpf pressure sensensor is faulty and just reads 0.

        Landrover stated there are no underlining issues with the car it’s just my driving that is blocking the dpf. Thought this would be useful. I will now be sending the mechanics diognostic to landrover. The dpf can also be cleaned and does not need replacing as specified by landrover.

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        Mrs t

        I have been having the exact same dpf problems with my car currently in the dealership! First time it happened in Feb this year I was told it’s the way I drive it, it’s the supermarket diesel I use! Like others I monitored my journeys and was making lengthy ones weekly and the light was coming on fortnightly! Until this weekend before I could regen it went red meaning I am now without a car until it’s fixed again! It’s now turns out there is a recall software update for Amber and red lights and they have to update the software! Do o am now having the update and a new dpf filter! Needless to say I don’t hold my breath! I didn’t expect such a prestigious brand to cause me such problems! Not only my car this weekend was recovered but two other evoques from the same recovery truck to the same garage!! Somewhat annoyed at the lies

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        We are in a very similar position to you all and thinking of taking the legal route. Perhaps a class action is warranted?

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      Hi all,

      I had an evoque delivered June 2017 under a lease sscheme.

      The first dpf filter blocked in Feb 2018 and was replaced. The dpf filter then blocked 8 weeks lAyer! Manafacturer refusing to fix. Currently seeking an independent report for the car and a dpf clean for the 8 week old dpf.

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      I am having the same problems as all stated above. They are saying I need a new DPF which for part alone is £1500. Roadside recovery said it wasn’t my driving and there is a sensory fault to which is why it’s not getting hot enough. Mine goes straight to red. No amber warning.

      The dealership is being very un helpful. I’ve allied my local branch and they seem to think my chassis number is under a campaign???

      I’m now on the phone to the main customer services for landrover. I cannot believe a car of 7 months should need a new part so soon?

      Thanks in advance

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      Val Freeman

      There is a known design fault with these cars. Google JRLP00100 for links to a service compliance notification that is widely available on the www.

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      Val Freeman

      It affects TDV6 3.0L engined RR, RRS and Discovery 5, 2.0L Evoque and Disco Sports. It can’t be fixed (the solution comes when the models are eventually replaced) and references to driving style are scanalously misleading. Hundreds of thousands of cars are involved but with the exception of Honest John, the press are helping JLR to keep this concealed.

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      Hi everyone!
      I bought a 13plate 2.2L range rover evoque on PCP from Arnold Clark last year (August 2017), I had numerous problems when first getting the car including the power steering going.
      In January 2018 my car went into restricted performance mode and then said the DPF was full. After waiting a month and arguing with Arnold Clark (Whilst my vehicle was OUT of warranty) they finally sorted the issue telling me it was down to a leak.
      Towards the end of June 2018 I have further problems with my car in limp mode making it impossible to drive. The car went in the garage and the said that I simply needed to take the car for a blast however I only drive long journeys, (Manchester to Leeds most days). They gave me the car back saying they had fixed it however not even a few hours later the car went back into limp mode. Is this just a common fault with the car?! Arnold clark have now refused to fix my car and said that I need to get a technical report and take it back to them!
      I was just wondering if anyone had experienced similar problems or knows what my rights are with the car being on PCP… I’m paying £400 a month for something that is simply not fit for purpose!
      After being thrown from pillar to post they have now come back to me and said they don’t have the equipment to fix the car!

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      Great, I’ve the same DPF problem, I’m on my 3rd DPF and local JLR are asking what our driving style is like🙄 can you see where this is going?? I drive it like I stole it… but what’s that got to do with a amber warning coming on then red 2 miles later, unless I live on a Mway slip road I’m goosed.
      Might not pick car back up and keep the Velar courtesy car I ’ve got now.

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      Same problems with my Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016. Emissions problems still occurs. EU6 emissions limits destroyed this car. The worst car I have ever had.

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        stuart 2022Stuart Masson

        It’s not the emissions limits, it’s the design and engineering of the manufacturer that is faulty. Plenty of other manufacturers have been able to build cars that comply with the Euro 6 emissions laws without breaking down every five minutes – but then reliability has never been Land Rover’s forte…

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      Emma W


      In the same boat as you all. 2016 plate Evoque, on our third DPF, the last one being only 5 weeks old. JLR are blaming the fault on our driving style and refusing to cover the work under warranty.
      Has anyone actually got a positive outcome from them and if so how? They are trying to sting us for over £1500.
      Advice would be most welcome.

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      Isobel whittaker

      I am having the same problems as all the previous posts.

      I had an Evoque for 3 years and never encountered a problem until I picked up my 18 plate.
      It’s not going to be easy to resolve this obvious flaw!!

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      There are nearly 3000 posts from disgruntled owners on the discosport forum, all experiencing the same issues, and nearly all having the same appalling dealer and manufacturer brush-off.

      This, coupled with fuel in oil dilution issues, remain the hottest topic regarding transversely mounted Ingenium engines across the range.

      See here: https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5379

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      Ex Disco Sport Owner

      I bought a 3 month-old LR Discovery Sport in May 2017 and quickly noticed very high oil dilution connected with the need for oil changes every 6,000 miles, rather than the 21,000 miles I had been expecting. Then the car had a series of EGF faults which were fixed at the roadside by the AA. At JLR’s request I took it to a local dealer to be checked by JLR engineers sent down from Coventry. They recommended a new EGR assembly plus a new SCRF (this is the combined 3-way catalytic reducer and DPF device which is the source of the problems recounted above). Combining information received from various JLR engineers and service personnel (including the service compliance notification JLRP00100) I was able to build a full picture of what was really wrong with my car and as a result I successfully rejected it after less than 6 months as being a) not of satisfactory quality and b) not as described.

      The discosport forum contains a wealth of evidence which should enable most owners to understand the problem and form an opinion about their best course of action. Basically, as the editor has indicated, there is a design fault with the exhaust which prevents the emissions control devices working properly. There are multiple consequences. Firstly, due to lack of heat in the exhaust, diesel dilution of the engine oil occurs two to three times faster than allowed for in the published service regimen. Secondly (and for the same reason), the DPF is much more sensitive than those in other vehicles to becoming blocked unless it is driven hard for up to 1 hour every 250 miles or so. On top of the design issue, there is a known manufacturing problem on some SCRFs which are not calibrated correctly for the rest of the system – this just makes the problem worse for affected vehicles. It was hoped that 19MY cars would be fitted with extra lagging on the exhaust pipe in the area between the diesel oxidation catalyst and the SCRF inlet but this has not been proven one way or the other so far. It would not resolve the problem completely but it would go some way to improve matters.

      A particularly useful document to download is the JLR SCN, JLRP00100:

      Details of the SCRF fault:

      Thread about the SCRF coatings:

      Balancer Shaft Whine on Ingenium Engines:

      Honest John webpage. (Videos here showing SCRF and EGR architectue)

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      Richard Jones

      Just read all of of the above reports and yes have exactly the same problem with the exhaust.

      However, here is the other thing, we live in Jersey it is 9 miles by 5 miles, maximum speed is 40mph (only a few places !). So in essence we cannot change our driving method and have been sold a car that is not fit for purpose for driving on the island

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      Hugh Roberts

      I am angry with Jaguar Land Rover over this issue because my 2016 DS had asked for an oil service at 8700 miles and when I took the car to the JLR dealership all they did was reset the service indicator and tell me to go back when the car was two years old or at 21000 miles. I then paid £478 for a “service” (basically just a very expensive oil and filter change) and now the car has done just over 27,000 miles from new and the service light has come on again! I am now talking to a legal advisor about my options for rejection because I feel that they should have known how this engine was going to perform before they sold it to me. It was reported to BBC Watchdog last year https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5379&start=1220 and I plan to do the same https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/contact I don’t think the problem can be fixed properly so

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      Hugh Roberts

      (continued)…somebody is going to end up paying for this for years to come. I intend to make sure it’s not me.

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      I have my Discovery Sport for 16 months and have sent it to the dealer several times because of the DPF warning. This time the DPF amber warning was on again. I didn’t do the regeneration that day because I was busy. The next day the warning turned red directly. I called JLR road assistance, the guy came and diagnosed. He reckoned the amber warning period is too short to take action. I sent my car to the dealer. After a few days, the dealer called me today, telling me they have replaced the DPF, and asking where I normally drive. I told him I mainly drive in the town. Then he said because of my driving style, although the car is under warranty, I have to pay for replacing the DPF, which is nearly 1400 pounds!
      I said I mainly drive in the town, but do 100miles journey on motorway every 1 or 2 weeks. And in the week before the warning light was on, I did two motorway journeys. The dealer just keep say it is my driving style fault, I have to pay. It just pissed me off.
      If JLR can’t make a car to suit all the driving style, Why JLR’s never mentioned the driving style limitation in their ad? This car is definitely not for town driving.

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      Ex Discovery Sport Owner

      Jaguar Land Rover CRC have made a post on the discovery sport forum following an enquiry from a concerned owner about when there would be a fix for the known problem of oil dilution caused by too much DPF cleaning. Recalling that 15 months ago JLRP00100 stated categorically that the fault was caused by a “higher than expected” number of failed regenerations due to “hardware and architecture” issues to do with the exhaust system, today’s comment is bad news for anyone expecting to see a final resolution to the problem. Honest John stated months ago that due to the architecture of the vehicle the problem can’t be fixed until the exhaust system has been radically re-designed. This is from JLR CRC, today Friday 19th October 2018:

      “Thank you for your comment.
      I can confirm that Land Rover are currently working on a software enhancement in regards to the concerns that have been raised.
      Unfortunately at this time, we have not been provided with an update as to when this will be released.
      Once I have received further information I will arrange for the details to be posted in this forum.
      I apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.
      On behalf of JLR.

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      Ex Discovery Sport Owner

      Link to DiscoSportForum page containing the latest JLR post:


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      Charles Brough

      There’s been an interesting ruling by the financial ombudsman in connection with the known Ingenium DPF problem. This should be relevant to DS and Evoque owners suffering from similar problems. In a case that dragged on for a year the owner appears to have successfully rejected his car due to it being “not of satisfactory quality”.

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      Tim Milner

      If you have a diesel operable car then make sure to have the EGR valves, turbochargers, fuel injectors checked. Other than that, drive faster and avoid short journeys.

      This way, you can make sure that your DPF works without any problem.
      See more here:

      DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter): All You Need to Know

    • #144966
      Rachael Hanley

      Dear All

      I have a March 2017 plate Diesel Evoque (biggest mistake ever made in my life!) – taken out on a Personal Contract with a 5,000 mile/year lease deal (this alone should have notified the leasing company that I wouldn’t be doing a lot of motorway miles). I live in a semi-rural area with a few 30/40 mile a hour speed cameras dotted around and mainly use the car for school runs, supermarket shopping – not much else as work from home. The car seemed fine from March to December – I used to occasionally get the amber warning light notifying me that the DPF was nearly full and to take the car for a run, which I would do and the car would then be okay, but then something changed and it certainly wasn’t my driving style (which like all the rest of you I have been told numerous times by JLR, is the cause of Evoque’s DPF getting full).

      My car went into the dealership December 2017 as the amber turned to red within a day, had a forced regen done and the car was back home again. Now 10 months down the line, on the third DPF system, 4 forced regens and the car doesn’t even bother going to amber now – it only goes to red so I have now no way of knowing when I need to take the car on a motorway run (a journey which I am having to fund in time and fuel as it is not part of my lifestyle requirement).

      I have raised my concerns with the leasing company (who have stated that the finance company are not interested – the issue needs to be raised with JLR). I have spoken to the dealership, where my car regularly frequents, for advice how to go forward – again referred me to JLR. So I contacted JLR Customer Service who told me I would be assigned a Case Manager. I have been issued a case number and was contacted yesterday via a representative who has told me that all the information regarding the DPF system is on their website and in the handbook (if I would like to read it – not!). The fault is mine due to my driving style – it was the wrong car choice and predominantly I am ultimately to blame as I decided to get a diesel as opposed to petrol – the car is not deemed defective – apparently the exhaust is not getting to the heat required to burn off the soot, hence I am not getting an amber warning light and it is immediately going to red.

      I now feel as though I am basically on my own with this – I am paying for a car which is the most unreliable car ever – the whole purpose of renewing vehicles on a personal contract is to have hassle free motoring – not troublesome motoring. I have had other cars with DPF systems fitted – never had this problem with any other makes, just Land Rover.

      Has anyone managed to get anything sorted who have had similar experiences as I don’t know where to go from here – my ultimate quest is to move from the diesel to a petrol but am tied into a four year contract – any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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      Successful Land Rover DS Rejector

      Hi Rachael

      I suggest that you come and introduce yourself to discosportforum.co.uk where you will find all the resources needed to rid yourself of this terrible nightmare of a problem. DS members will welcome you and guide you in the right direction. There are several cases just like yours involving the DS (same chassis, same engine, same exhaust architecture, same manufacturing and design issues as per JLPR00100) which have resulted in satisfactory rejections. It might take some time, you will have to fight, but you should win in the end.

      Good luck

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      Successful Land Rover DS Rejector
    • #144997
      Rachael Hanley

      Thank you for the advice, Successful Land Rover DS Rejector, it is much appreciated – I will definitely do that.

    • #145803
      John McCarthy

      I have a Bebruary 2018 evoque which has done just 6000 miles. The amber dpf light has come on several times and each time I go up on to the motorway and drive at 70mph for 20 mins to clear the problem. Last week the dpf light went straight to red and the power dropped. LR sent out an engineer to clear the fault, however due to this fault the oil has diluted and has to be changed. I am not prepared to pick up this cost and have complained to LR who say they will contact me. I have had three evoques from new, all diesal and this is the first to give me a problem. There is without doubt a design fault in the exhaust filiter system which make it not fit for purpose. There is nothing in the sales literature saying you have to drive in a particulr way and speed for this vehicle to operate properly. I will poursue this problem to the courts if I have too.

    • #145937
      Alison tilsley

      Hi Evoque sept 2015, car constantly having to go in to be regenerated and remove amber/red lights, JLR could not be bothered after 4 breakdowns and attempts to fix they now say the car is OUT OF WARRANTY still waiting for resolution and Stafford Landrover service centre has just burnt down and no other raker wants to touch it- thinking of dumping it outside JLR ha with the press in tow

    • #145964
      Laurence Mintz

      I drove my Range Rover in 3rd gear for 5 miles until the temp. went over half, and the orange sign went away. My car is 6 years old and have never had this problem before, though I must admit that over the last few weeks I have only done small hops to take my dog for a walk!

    • #146324
      Lee Tucker

      My car has been in the garage for 2 weeks and they are saying it’s a driving style issue and not warranty but the red light came on 2 mins after the Amber so weren’t given a chance to clear it. Getting nowhere with complaint department, any advice on how to escalate this, had this car back to the garage about 20 times with one fault or another since owning it.

    • #146430
      Keith Lunt

      I also am suffering from DPF issues with my LR Discovery Sport, purchased March 17 and has completed 10,000 miles. As with other contributors I have experienced the warning light advising me to drive at excess of 40 mph for 20 minutes etc.
      I was NOT advised that there is a certain ‘driving style’ which is not suitable for this car. As with others I have contacted JLR Coventry addressed to Prof Dr Ralf Spenth, (CEO) without any success.
      There are obviously numbers of drivers with this complaint, Evoke, Disc, etc., how about getting together to fund legal action against JLR?

    • #146684
      Cath Wadsworth

      I purchased a Land Rover Discovery in October 2017 and have had exactly the same issues and received the same responses from the dealer. Complaint currently with Land Rover awaiting response to my demand for refund as the vehicle is not fit for purpose – will also be progressing with the Motor Ombudsman. Understand from research and from discussions with the dealer that the LR DPF’s do not function effectively when run cold or for just short journeys. This info was not provided before sale and is not in the vehicle handbook

    • #146769
      Eve Davies

      I bought a Land Rover Discovery Sport in April ’17. Within weeks I started to have problems and my car has now been into the garage 17 times in 18 months for this DPF fault. Land Rover have offered a free service! What a joke. I am taking legal action and I am registering my concern here as I am hoping that the press will take notice through sheer volume of complaints.

    • #146934
      Bex never-buy-a-land-rover

      This forum is both extremely helpful and horribly depressing.

      We bought a Disco Sport demonstrator in March last year, 1,800 miles on the clock. It’s currently in our local JLR garage for the 10th time with the same DPF full issue. It’s had DPF forced regens, replacements, software updates and a partial exhaust replacement.

      We’ve also been told it’s our driving cycle (and to use expensive fuel!) and yes we live in town, but the car died after completing the North Coast 500!

      It’s incredible JLR have yet to address the problem. £1.5bn pre-tax operating profit in 17/18. I’d like my £30k back!

      Now going to use the links I’ve found here to pursue rejection.

      Thanks all,

    • #147384
      Emma Wingate

      We’re in the same situation as many of you. 2016 reg Evoque and the car is currently moving onto it’s fourth DPF filter. The first replacement was covered under warranty, however since then we have have had to pay for the 2nd replacement and the 3rd replacement (only 1000 miles and 12 weeks since the last replacement) wr’ve been told won’t be covered under warranty either. We have a case open with the Motor Ombudsman regarding the 2nd replacement and are removing our vehicle from the JLR dealership and taking it to an independent garage for further diagnostic work and to undertake replacement is required. Although I do undertake a large amount of local travel, we regularly use our car for longer journeys at weekend when the DPF should be passively regenerating.

      My question….has anyone ever had a positive outcome from the motor ombudsmen or looked into legal action?

    • #147452

      Hi All, we need to raise this issue, whilst I know that many have complained to Watchdog these I would suggest have all been in ‘dribs and drabs’ this really disguises the REAL motorist numbers involved, can I suggest that we send in complaints to the AT THE SAME TIME to effect enough emotion!
      I also recommend that we canvas ‘Trading Standards’ rather than the Motor Ombudsman on the basis that many state – DPF not fit for purpose!!

    • #147544
      JLR DPF “survivor”

      The eventual cost of this engineering error for each DS and Evoque will run into thousands of pounds. It is not just additional oil service costs but secondary failures, premature parts replacement due to wear & tear, early DPF replacement due ash clogging plus other random failures due to poor lubrication – even complete engine replacement in many cases. Somebody needs to start the legal ball rolling by briefing a firm such as the ones involved in the VW case. They would be very happy to take it up for a share of the tens of millions of pounds that will have to be paid out by JLR in compensation.

    • #147568

      I bought a evogue 2017 nw on business lease and it’s been in the garage more times than owt now they say I g I’m not driving it right 😂 the dpf filter has been replaced twice in a year and had 3 services
      Any clues on what to do

    • #147576

      I have had the same issues with my 2016 evoque. This is actually the 2nd car, the 1st having broken down at 2 weeks old and JLR couldn’t diagnose the fault despite 8 weeks in the garage. I ought to have seen the warning light then and completely rejected the car but no I continued in what has been the worst decision I have ever made.
      2 DPF changes in 6 weeks and a car I’m now frightened to use I case this happens again and JLR won’t fix under warranty. I’m a single parent and cannot afford the amount of money some people are quoting on here. This is in addition to the countless times I have been professionally embarrassed with important stakeholders at work by either being late to meetings or not an,e to attend at all because the car has broken down. People look at me in disbelief when I tell them what I ‘drive’.
      I feel I was mis sold the car, JLR were told the mileage I do and I was taken advantage of by being a woman on her own making a car purchase.
      The assistance from both the dealership and JLR has been abismal:staff are rude and condascending.
      I am now desperate to sell the useless pile of junk that is sat on my drive to any dealership that will take it even if I have to loose out financially and will in that case have to buy a cheap run around.
      I have tweeted Watchdog but not even had the courtesy of a response. I have been told that there is presently court action against JLR in relation to this issue but I don’t have any direct evidence of this so would be interetsed to know if anyone else knows anything about this.

    • #147827
      Ivan B

      I have the same problem with DPF, in 4 months I’ve taken the car with the red warning light 4 times.
      I have raised the complaint with Land Rover customer relationship, the answer was due to my driving style.
      Now I have raised the complaint with the ombudsman finance,
      Have you had any response from them?
      What is your current situation with the car?

      • #165424

        Hi there, can I ask what the outcome of your case was?

    • #147912

      Is there anyone can organise a group legal action against JLR? I would like to join. It is so disgraceful for JLR.

    • #148022
      Legal Lennie

      Keeven asked: “Is there anyone can organise a group legal action against JLR? I would like to join. It is so disgraceful for JLR.”

      Answer: “Yes. ANYONE. Any of the people who have posted on here (or the Evoque or DS forums) about how bad these cars are could take the time to go round the web forums and collect the necessary evidence to demonstrate to a no-win-no-fee law firm that there is money for them to make if they are prepared to help owners to form an effective group. There are tens of thousands of potential affected owners and each one is going to be out of pocket to a lesser or greater extent as a direct result of owning one of these cars. Add all of the potential claims together and it quickly becomes a very big sum of money, possibly in the range of £50 to £150 million. That’s just for restorative damages. The law firm would take 25-30% in fees and that’s all the incentive they should need to take the up-front risk.

      Car companies are very good – experts in fact – at picking off individuals one by one and wearing them down by a process of delays and counter-arguments, ultimately, if necessary, conceding just enough (in a small number of cases) to make people feel like they’ve won some kind of pyrrhic victory. But usually it still ends in them being saddled with yet another product from the same stable. A very tiny minority of very angry customers serve it up on hot coals and these people the car maker immediately gives in to, just to get them off the pile of complainants. But then they have to disappear because they no longer have anything to complain about. The motor ombudsman is a waste of space. Ditto trading standards. The financial ombudsman is starting to publish some excellent and damning judgments but the problem is that these are still one-offs. They don’t help other owners.

      In this case, there can be very little doubt that faults and design issues lie at the root of the problems being experienced – there are simply too many complaints of a similar nature being voiced for it to be due to anything but a tight knot of well-defined, systematic engineering issues. There are even documents written by the manufacturer to that effect!
      Over to you then, Keeven.

    • #148400
      QA Engineer

      From https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5379&p=100486#p100486

      It’s never going to be fixed. The accepted explanation is more than just a “theory”, I might not be a professional automotive engineer but who needs to be? The company that produced it says it has “architecture and hardware” issues that cause it to require “higher than expected” post injection. There is a JLR DPF operation document describing in great detail how it should work (passive regeneration and active regeneration operating in concert), and then a letter from JLR explaining that it doesn’t work as it should because, in practical use (normal driving), there’s actually no passive regeneration going on due to the exhaust temperature being “too low”. This explains the need for more frequent active regenerations. We have Johnson Matthey scientific papers on the temperature profiles required for their coatings to passively and actively regenerate and we have their soot loading and timing experiments in a paper presented to a US government body. Their timings for longer soot burning with SCRF coatings tie in with JLR’s admission that active regenerations take longer on the DS and Evoque which is the principal reason for extended regenerations leading to a higher chance of one being interrupted by the driver ending their journey. The forum has recorded scientific oil sample data. There is a convincing record of poor service mileage. All of these information sources tie together into a continuous narrative in which there is absolutely no inconsistency. The exhaust is faulty: it causes premature oil dilution and other damage because it never gets hot enough to deal with the soot properly no matter how hard the car is driven.

      JLR have a huge amount at stake in this, now well into the hundreds of millions. It is a major contributory factor to explain the reduced income streams from the diesel versions of the company’s two most popular models (sales of which are down by a third). If they could have disproved this explanation, wouldn’t they have done so by now? If they could have fixed it, wouldn’t they have done so by now? It continues to cost them massively in lost sales and rejections, not to mention all the oil, filters and other parts and labour required to fix cars out in the field. If any organisation had what it took to eliminate these costs and repair the damage to its reputation by providing an alternative explanation, it would have been JLR. Over the past THREE YEARS they’ve had every opportunity to do something about this appalling mess and yet – nothing. Nothing has been done because, as suggested months ago on here, nothing can be done without a very expensive, complete redesign. Now, with £2.5 billion of cuts coming, the remote prospect of that ever happening has presumably just evaporated.

    • #148643
      Richard Cliff

      Hi – I have an Evoque purchased new October 2016 – In February 2018 I had the same problem – The Amber Light went red and then shut down. Land Rover Assist were pretty good and the car went the Strastone Nottingham where after 2 weeks it was fitted with a new DPF under the warranty.

      Two days ago (December 2018) the same thing happened and the car is back with Stratstone Nottingham – They have called to say it needs another DPF and they are blaming my driving style for the problem.

      Also as the car is out of warranty they want £1500 for the pleasure.

      I have told them to put it in writing –

      I have only done 14000 miles since new and two DPF’s in two years seems to suggest there is a bigger problem. I was not warned this would be an issue when I purchased the vehicle so I feel I must take the matter up with the original dealer or LR direct.

    • #148644
      Phil M

      The DPFs on these cars (16MY and later Evoque/DS 2.0L diesels) will need changing at between 25% and 50% of the original design life and this pattern will continue until the vehicle itself is scrapped. Also during the life of the vehicle, the oil will require changing on average every 7,000 to 8,000 miles, which is 3 times more frequently than the published service interval. Both of these unexpected and costly phenomena (plus several other likely failures) occur as the result of the design defect disclosed by JLR in the widely-distributed service compliance notification JLRP00100, accurately summarised above in the post above by QA Engineer on 19th December 2018. Everyone who bought one of these cars anticipating better convenience and lower overall costs of ownership due to the claimed 21,000 mile service interval has been seriously misled. I spotted the deception practised on me within a month of ownership and rejected the vehicle within 30 days to ensure that I recovered 100% of my costs. Over 10 years, the cost of these DPF replacements, and the additional oil servicing etc., could run to about £5,000 per vehicle, on top of normal running costs. This is why some people now see a group legal action as the most sensible way of attacking the issue with strength of numbers to ensure that JLR are required to foot the bill for their incompetence and blatant deception in trying to blame owners’ “driving style” for the problems.

    • #148903


      ive had the same issues 3 DPF issues in the past 3 years but was covered under warranty
      the car is out of warranty for 2 months and now the same issue again and needs a new sensor DPF total cost £2k

      driving style blamed as well but never informed any of this at the time of purchase
      only done 15000 miles in 3 years so hardly driven it only around town

    • #149077

      Hi, I’m having issues with a burning smell which has been investigated and put down to DPF issues…this evoque is two months old and has650 miles on the clock. The smell is now coming from the back passenger wheel arch…apparently not much they can do unless they can replicate the smell in the garage? Feel at a total loss, I love the car but this is together with the infotainment screen issues really testing my patience…I don’t think I have enough yet to reject the car however that’s how I feel as it’s going back again next week (3rd time in 2month period) why oh why did I buy this car…

    • #149231

      Hi, unsurprisingly I have the exact same issue. Car has been driven appropriately, we get no warning, we got an amber light then straight to red the next day after completing the drive cycle. I have had my car new since Oct 16, it’s been in and out of the garage. Also they don’t check the filter when it is serviced. The whole thing is a joke. I am going to return the car and am refusing to collect it from the service centre. I agree we should try to get some better coverage of the problem!

    • #149840

      I have complained to the lease company dealership and financial ombudsman haven’t driven the car in two months because of this issue

      im waiting to hear back dealership and lease company have blamed driving style
      but should a different commitment be needed in driving this should have been informed at the time of sale

      they pockets are clearly benefiting from large repair bills and the cost of buying the car

      has anyone had any luck with the financial ombudsman

    • #150079
      John Howell

      Bought Evoque convertible demonstrator March2018 sane issues (DPF filter)and responses from dealer as documented in all the above, always problem caused by driving style. At the point of sale if this was a known issue then surely it was for the seller to make it abundantly clear at the outset and give the buyer the opportunity to make an informed choice, ie diesel, petrol,Hybrid or electric engine. Surely all those affected are due a full compensation package. This I assume would need a test case taken to court, hopefully successfully and then it would unfold like PPI

    • #151064

      Re the possibility of PPI style class actions for mis-selling cars with a known problem, somebody has counted up all the relevant numbers here for the vehicles thought to be affected by JLRP00100: it appears to be around the 1 millon mark:


      Raw data available from:

    • #151065

      This is a link to the JLR document that cuts through the web of deception and comprehensively neutralises any suggestion that “driving style” is responsible for DPF problems in up to 1 Million Land Rovers:

      JLRP00100 – https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/download/file.php?id=5997

    • #151767

      My car is on lease and I’ve reported
      My case to financial ombudsman as my complaint was dismissed in less than 5 mins blaming the dealership for not informing me of any particular driving style

      I’m hoping for a favourable outcome
      Will keep everyone posted on this thread haven’t used my car in two months due to this

      And also only used 1/3 of my allowable miles on my lease agreement due to these issues

      • #165418

        Hi there, did you get anywhere with your complaint to the financial ombudsman? I am about to do the same thing and any advice would be appreciated!

    • #151804
      Juliette Lockstone


      I have a nearly 2 year old land rover evoque se diesel. I live in London and am a busy working mum. 2 weeks ago a red light appeared on my dashboard to say my DPF (diesel particle filter was full) and to take it to dealer ASAP . It turns out that the car is completely unsuitable for my needs as I do under 5000 miles per annum, short journeys usually under 30 miles per hour . Apparently the evoque is only designed for long journeys and my driving style of short journeys has caused the fault.!

      I now have a £1600 bill to repair the car, Jaguar Land Rover have been completely unhelpful informing me it says in the manuel the car only works if you drive it over 40 miles per hour for at least 20 minutes. I’ve checked it doesn’t – it only says that to remedy a warning light Re the dpf. JLR have blamed the new emission rules for the dpf design however I now have a car which is not a car as I can’t use it as I have used all previous cars.

      JLR should instruct their dealers to make it clear to purchasers this is a limitation of the car. Had they done that and warned me I would not have brought the car. The lady from JLR even had the nerve to tell me I was lucky I had gone nearly 2 years without this happening before.

      I am now going to take legal advice as I feel not only does the car have a technical problem but JLR have misrepresented the at would be suitable for my needs – ie small journeys etc

      Thank you. Yours sincerely

      • #165417

        Hi there, did you get anywhere with your complaint to the financial ombudsman? I am about to do the same thing.

    • #152239
      AutoCar Reader
    • #152487

      Hi All,

      I posted a compliant on 13.4.18 on this forum and I am pleased to say that our case has been by the financial ombudsman service (FOS) against Arval UK Ltd/Land Rover found in our favour.

      In short the faulty vehicle has now been “rejected” taken away and financial compensation paid in line with FOS decision, it has taken over 12 months of continuous BATTLING with Arval UK Ltd my advice to you folks who have taken lease/contracts and have DPF problem dig in and fight for your rights via FOS.

      Overall I feel pleased that we have a system of recourse (i.e. the FOS) against large organisation hiding behind a façade of slick marketing, Arval UK Ltd and Land Rover were bullies with pathetic business practices…I wish all the best with your fight against DPF faults.

      Finally I am waiting for the decision notice to be published on the FOS website once I have link will post.

      All the best !

    • #152497

      Hi All,

      Further to the earlier post attached is a link to the FOS decision…https://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=201476

      • #152508
        Stanley Lay

        Hi Lftikar,

        I am glad that you have finally resolved this issue with the right outcome.

        I too have an issue with JLR not honouring warranty claim on its DPF. Not sure what is going on with the management, not only they have alienated a lot of current and perspective JLR customers, they have probably ended up wasting more money on these claims through small claims court and FOS.

        My problem is not as severe as yours. We have had the Evoque for almost 3 years, and had seen the amber warning to drive the car at 40-70 mph for 20 minutes for the regenerate process to kick in. Unfortunately, it went straight to Red light – Exhaust Filter full, visit main dealer. Long Story short, unsurprisingly after reading all these posts on this thread, JLR claimed that the owner was too blame – because we do not drive fast enough and not long enough because we do too many short distance driving!

        Well, I corrected then as we do a weekly morning trip from Teddington to Reading and Bracknel via M3 regularly on Saturday morning for kids football match, then Teddington to West Acton each saturday afternoon… If this is considered as short distance journey, then JLR should not be selling its car in London, and certainly not in any major cities. They should have advised customers that Range Rover is only for the freeway and warranty does not cover people living in Lodnon.

        So, I now have to pay for the repair myself, and then lodge a claim against JLR via small claims just to recover the cost of repair. Unfortunately, I will have to spend my own time dealing with this, but not going to let JLR bully me around and certainly not going to let them get away with this.

        Having owned other Diesel vehicles form BMW and Merc, never had this kind of issue, and certainly have never encountered a manufacturer blaming its customers for its faulty equipment or faulty design.

        With its focus to try and cut costs by finding excuses not to honour warranty claims, it will not be long before it loses its current customer base, and any future perspective buyers being scared away after reading these posts.

      • #165423

        Hi there, I’m looking to refer my case to the Financial Ombudsman aswell, so it is fantastic to see you getting a positive result. Can I ask what evidence you provided with your complaint?

    • #153400
      Simon Dorsett

      I am also having problems with my Evoque I purchased the car one year old with 6000 on the clock. I raised this query at the time of purchasing the vehicle from Harwoods, only be to be told, I would need to take the vehicle for a 1o minute drive, at first the yellow warning light would come on, no any more, but after two visits from Land Rover assist I was advised to use premium diesel, this has made know difference, apparently because of where I live I can not drive long enough for the filter to clean itself. Apparently this also affects the oil, and although we have kept up a Full Land Rover service we are also being advised to change the oil more regularly than the manufacturer recommends.

      We drive the vehicle as recommended, to clean the filter, but this also has made no difference. it just keeps reoccurring.

      I returned to Harwoods and was advised by the salesman to book the vehicle in, only to be told by the technicians, at first there was a problem with the vehicle, then they called and said the laptop they had been using was faulty and all the problems are due to, our use of the vehicle, after just one years motoring I have lost £11.000 as it would appear we do not have a leg to stand on. Since owning the vehicle I have spoken to at least two other owners with the same problem. The vehicle just out of warranty sits on our drive with 16000 miles on the clock. Absolutely gutted, it took me two years to save for the deposit.

    • #164821

      Reassuring to read we’re not alone, but disappointing nonetheless!

      March 2018 Disco Sport here – first went into Taunton Land Rover on Christmas Eve and the DPF was replaced under warranty at the same time as the oil change thanks to the oil dilution.

      This, I’m fairly sure, was because I kicked up a fuss on social media and referred to incorrect customer service postings on the fantastic Disco Sport forum.

      Now the car’s back with Taunton LR – DPF light came on instantly red on Friday evening and now, because of my ‘drive cycle’ it’s my fault, not covered under warranty, and that will be £1,645 thank you very much.

      I’ve complained to LR corporate customer service this morning by email and registered a complaint with Lex, the company behind LR finance so the ones we actually have our lease with.

      Pleased to read that there have been successes in rejecting the cars, but disappointing to read how long and how much hassle it’s likely to take.

      Best of luck all!

      • #165425

        When you say Lex, do you mean Lex Autolease? I am having the same issued with my Evoque but the leasing company have so far rejected my complaint.

    • #165273
      Adam R.

      Same, I bought my daughter a 2.0l diesel Evoke and it’s been back to Beadles in Kent at least 4 occassions and then she refused to drive it there from South London anymore. Technicians have been out at least another 4 times. How can this be? Spending 38k on a car that doesnt work? And the same old rubbish.. it’s the driving ‘style’ what a load of bollocks. How is it right when a young mum puts her kids in the back of a car, (carseats) last week, minus 2, then has to get them back out and walk to school. Because it wont drive.!

    • #165427

      Sadly experiencing the same issues as everyone else. Got my Evoque in March 2017. The car has been in the garage 6 times in the 2 years I have had it, 4 times for the DPF. The whole DPF system has been replaced twice but made no difference. For me, the red ‘filter full – visit dealer’ light comes in straight away with no amber warning so no chance to rectify. I have a very short commute so I do a lot of short journeys, but we take it for a long run from Crawley to Eastbourne once a week and we are STILL getting these problems. The stupid car is more high maintenance than my pets! I have had one formal complaint rejected by the lease company, but as the car is now in the garage again I am pursuing a fresh complaint and will take it through to the Ombudsman and court if necessary. It’s great to hear that some of you have had success, so if anyone else has it would be great to hear from you :)

    • #165493
      Adam Ruth

      Same, I bought my daughter a 2.0l diesel Evoke and it’s been back to Beadles in Kent at least 4 occassions and then she refused to drive it there from South London anymore. Technicians have been out at least another 4 times. How can this be? Spending 38k on a car that doesnt work? And the same old rubbish.. it’s the driving ‘style’ what a load of bollocks. How is it right when a young mum puts her kids in the back of a car, (carseats) last week, minus 2, then has to get them back out and walk to school. Because it wont drive.!

    • #165675
      José Panão

      Hi all,
      Hi have a same problema with the Evoque of June 2017. I thinking of remove the DPF, does anyone have experience in this area?

    • #166881

      I bought a used 2016 Evoque 2.0 diesel last week. 25k mileage. Just had orange dpf warning which then went red less than a mile later. Took it to LR Dealers who have reset? it and booked in for DPF change under warranty, in 8 days time. Now reading all comments and extremely concerned. TBH, don’t want to keep the car. Are the dpf problems with ALL these, or am I worrying prematurely?

    • #166994

      All same problems as above with my Evoque. Should have rejected the car when it first happened (20 days after i bought it) but was ensured by the service team that better parts were being made all the time, so let’s work together! Now this is the third time in 12 months it’s having its DPF replaced. This time however, i’m out of manufacturer’s warranty and they want paying…applied to Land Rover for goodwill and they have agreed but now i’m being told that a bolt has seized on the catalytic converter and they need to remove that to get at the DPF. That’s not covered under warranty as it’s ‘not failed’so they’ve applied for goodwill on this too…my car has now been in their garage for 20 days. No hire car provided as it’s not a warranty job! No work has yet been done on the car. £316 payment to finance company for a car that I don’t have. Have sent a letter of complaint to dealer stating that under the consumer goods act 2015, I have been mis sold a vehicle that is not fit for purpose as I stated to the salesman before i bought the car that I drive mostly short journeys in an urban environment. I have requested a full refund or a replacement petrol version of my car. Waiting for a response. Next step will be to finance company to inform them of the issues and to refuse further payments. Worst (and most expensive) car I’ve ever bought!

    • #167172

      I have had exactly the same problem with my Evoque which I received new around 19 May 2017.
      Around mid July 2017 the DPF warning came on
      While on my way home late one night. I was approximately 3 miles from home but the car went into restricted mode before I reached home.
      It has since been back to the dealers no less than 4 times where it would remain for between 2 to 4 weeks being repaired oto https://www.xeoto.com.vn
      I’m still in conversation with Jaguar Land Rover about the problem. Have you resolved the issue with yours?

    • #167279
      Robbie Hegarty

      Hi Folks

      Unfortunately, I’m in the same position as many of you. I leased my June 2016 Evoque from Lex Autolease on a 6000 mile per year contract over 4 years. My car was taken away yeaterday (3 May 19) for yet another DPF problem. If they fit a new one that will be its 5th. There’s only 14,000 miles on the clock.

      So far the DPF has been replaced under warranty, but I’m sure I will have a problem in year 4 of the lease when the 3 year warranty expires.

      Lex Autolease refused to take the car back and gave an extremely high quote to end the contract after 3 years. Consequently, my case is now with the ombudsman. I can provide an update on this thread when I get one.

      I’m leading up to a question! Lex Autolease are blaming my driving style. That sounds like an insult – but translated it means urban driving with a lot of start/stops for lights etc. They quote the manufacturer who says my typical journey is between 10 and 15 minutes and it needs to be between 20 and 25 minutes. So I should take a longer route to and from my work and anywhere else I go. I’m not going to get into how ridiculous that is, but I will point out a calculation I carried out: in order to fulfill the manufacturers recommended driving cycle I would have to cover just over 12,000 miles per year. I can’t, obviously, do that on a 6,000 mile contract. I’ve just been on Lex Autolease’s site and they’re still offering the same car on a 5,000 mile contract.

      I feel that I have been sold a contract that is contrary to what I’m being told is required to meet the needs of the vehicle. To me that means my contract was mis-sold. I would be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts on that.


    • #169640
      Sharon Thomas

      DPF red light came on with no Amber Warning, been told it’s my driving style and £1650 please to fix it, got this reduced after making a fuss, out of Manufacturers warranty but paying £100 to Land Rover for extended warranty, been told I can’t claim it back as it’s my fault the car has gone wrong! Worried about using it after reading of so many others with the same problem. Going to try and fight my corner and write to Land Rover UK.

    • #170300

      I too have had the same issue as everyone else. I lease my Evoque through Lex Autolease, I got it in Dec 16. The amber DPF light would come on and I would take it on a long run and it was fine then around March 18 the amber light came on again and I thought I had a few days to take it on a long run but unfortunatley I missed it and it went to red. I called Land Rover Assist and they came out and said (I cant remember the exact levels) that it was 1 over the limit so there was nothing he could do and it would need to go to a dealer. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it for me – I assumed as it was still well under waranty. Fast forward to Nov 18 and it went wrong again and the guy previous told me I had a week to clear the filter after amber, but amber cae on in the morning and then went red when I was driving home from work. Dealer charged me £1956 to fix this which was great just before xmas! Then in April the same issue again but this time it went straight to Red, the dealer then fixed this free of charge. Now it has gone wrong again (May 19), again no warning light and straight to red. I had a voicemail from the guy saying it will cost the same as before to fix because of ‘my driving style’!!

      Each time the Assist people have come out they tell me a new detail on how to clear the filter, no one ever explained this to me previous, so after the first time I always take my car out once every two weeks to clear the filter. Then I was told that if you have under 12% fuel it wont clean the filter on long runs. And my last call with dealer they have said that the issue will keep happening because of my driving style.

      When I signed up for the car I intended to get a petrol evoque but the lady
      (Aisha – from Tonbridge wells) insisted that diesel were much cleaner and cheaper so she actually changed my mind from petrol to diesel, and to add insult to injury I even said that I would just be driving this vehicle from home to work which is under 2 miles, so diesel being more expensive that petrol wouldnt really make much difference to me as my mileage would be so low! I was 100% missold my vehicle and when I complained to JLR they would send emails saying that they couldnt get hold of me (which was untrue) and then after months of trying the dismissed it. They have shot themselves in the foot as I have advised 3 people not to get Range Rovers and I will never have one again, I’m sure reading these comments I am not alone here!
      I have never had reason to fight a case before so I was unsure of how to go about this but reading this forum has helped. I will let everyone know what happens when I contact the Ombudsman. Fingers crossed I will not be charged staurday when I pick up my car. I have a feeling this is going to be the next PPI scandal.

    • #170871
      Sonja Temelkovski

      Hi,I have experienced all of the above problems with my Evoque (2017 model) and I have received the same lame responses from my dealer in Australia. I am wanting to find out if anyone has sought legal advice and considered whether a class action can be taken against Jaguar Land Rover Evoque regarding the Range Rover Evoque failing to meet expected standards when purchasing a new vehicle.

      Kind Regards,

    • #171284
      Elaine H

      I have an Evoque which is leased through Arnold Clark . I got it in September 2016 and had only had it about 8 weeks when the first problem with the DPF occurred . Nearly 3 years down the line it has been in garage approx 22 times! It has had 4 new filters and as I write this it is back in requiring a 5th! The last time just before Christmas they were refusing to replace filter under warranty and there then became a stand off between Land Rover and Arnold clark leasing company who were also refusing to pay . Meanwhile I was caught in the middle getting calls from the garage suggesting that I pay! Eventually it was repaired as a “goodwill gesture” but with the threat to me that if it happened again I would be made to pay the next one and that one!! I am a community nurse and we are encouraged to lease cars through our hospital leasing dept so we can be reliable yet this is the most unreliable car I have ever had and I tell anyone who admires it just what it is really like. I pay a substantial amount towards my lease each month and expect good service however the last 3 years have just been appalling! I feel disbelieved and totally unsupported by the leasing company who seem to take the side of Land Rover who keep claiming it is my fault and due to driving style !! I am a community nurse making house calls so obviously I am going to be making lots of shortish journeys each week – I can’t change my job and at no point during the securing of my lease did anyone warn me that the Evoque had such a unique filter regeneration system compared to most other diesels . I have had diesel cars for the last 20 years and my last couple of cars ( Honda and Audi) had filters but I never had any problem with them at all. In fact the Audi was only in garage once for a service in the 3 years I had it ! I also do a reasonable amount of motorway driving particularly at weekends as my son plays sports matches all over the country . It doesn’t seem to make a difference though as even when I have done a very long motorway drive the amber dpf warning light has come on days later ! Engine transmission fault light has also come on countless times and that has accounted for at least 6 garage trips in a 2 month period . The garage would Say they fixed it and by the time I got home the light would have come on again ! Service warning lights coming on when it doesn’t need a service – the list of problems goes on and on. For the past year I have been trying to reject the car but leasing company refused to let me out of lease without paying hefty penalty . I feel constantly anxious about driving the car and am always scanning the dashboard for the DPF warning light. The minute it goes on I rush to motorway and drive up and down to clear it . This has caused all sorts of inconvenience- made me miss or be late for appointments . The problem is that you can’t predict when this is going to happen. I have many talents but being psychic is not one of them ! I had no problem from December until May this year and thought finally we had turned a corner . The amber light only went on about twice during that time and I promptly reacted to this and did the regeneration .(Last year the light was going on every week at one point so at least this was an improvement) By the way my driving pattern has not changed at all so go figure that out ! However this week I was driving when the amber light came on – it could only have been 40 secs when it then changed to red ! How on earth can that be a sufficient warning ! I had no opportunity to resolve it ! Apparently the filter is choked yet I regenerated it after an other amber warning last week ! I predict another wrangle ahead between me, the leasing company and land Rover . I have had enough – totally worn down by this car and it’s problems – the last few weeks I have been in tears countless times and a lot of this is just pure anger and frustration ! I can’t plan holidays as I don’t know how car is going to be . I have lost count of the amount of precious NHS hours that have been lost , patients let down because I have had to cancel and reschedule appointments due to having no transport . Endless trips to garages, waiting on Land Rover assistance coming out , waiting on courtesy cars being sourced , aimlessly driving up and down motorways to avert another disaster to the DPF. I have written lengthy emails to Arnold Clark complaining and requesting that they get me another car or else let me out my lease so I can get one elsewhere. They don’t even have the courtesy to reply to me personally although I know that they are in contact with my hospital car leasing department and have read them ! They seem to blindly accept land rovers line – i.e it is my fault . I have spoken to many Land Rover assistance guys , garage staff , independent mechanics and loads have told me “off the record” that the DPF is a major problem and one that Land Rover is well are of. The problem is as far as I can see that they can’t really do anything about as it is a design fault. Obviously they are phasing out diesels and it won’t be a problem much longer – not much use for all the poor people stuck with the old models ! I have another year of my lease to go but I can’t face another year of anxiety and misery so this is the end for me . I am taking my complaint to the chief executive of leasing company then the ombudsman if still no satisfactory resolution. Whilst I am saddened from reading on this forum that there are so many others in same position I am at least heartened that this proves it is not just me and it is not my fault . There is something clearly fundamentally wrong with the car. I for one would never have a Range Rover again and I actively discourage anyone who is thinking about getting one not to !!

    • #171386

      Sorry to hear of the issues above. Does anyone know if DPF issues have been resolved in the 2019 Evoque models?

    • #171570

      Hi All but esp Sonya in Australia

      I am in Australia too and have the same tale of woe as everyone else so won’t bore you with it

      I would be interested to talk to any Australians with the problems to see what can or has been done

      I have a good dealer who is trying hard and a 5 year warranty but still have a car not fit for purpose

      Not sure how to make contact through this forum – but if anyone wants to contact me please do

      Being semi retired and with a wife who says I need a hobby, I am up for the fight!!

      Cheers Richard

    • #171665
      Ex Disco Raver

      The exhaust design fault is common to the Evoque L538 and DS L550 2.0 diesels manufactured from 2015-2019. JLR missed their design targets by such a wide margin that a lot of people conclude that it wasn’t a design fault at all, more likely the result of a last minute, knee-jerk reaction to the VW scandal. If true, this means that all these problems are the result of the cars running permanently in NOx “test mode” when this wasn’t the way they were original designed to operate. Setting the car up to be good at NOx processing involves reducing combustion temperatures and this would explain why excess soot and hydro-carbon deposits create so many inter-related DPF issues.

      These links will get you to the respective user communities based in the UK. The DS site has a number of Australian contributors. Good luck.



    • #171743

      Many Thanks Raver

      Some light reading for me

    • #172111
      Raymond Price

      Q: Sorry to hear of the issues above. Does anyone know if DPF issues have been resolved in the 2019 Evoque models?

      A: The exhaust architecture is basically the same on the new diesel model. The only safe option remains petrol but at the cost of 28-30 mpg.


    • #172207

      I own one of the first facelift Evoques delivered October 2015 and had a DPF problem for the first time in May 2019 (with 50k miles). It was covered by the warranty, but I get scared reading all the bad experiences people had.

    • #172740
      Paul Maw

      Owners of Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar E-Pace diesels who are considering rejection or taking Jaguar Land Rover (or one of its dealers) to court over the KNOWN PROBLEM related to DPF clogging and reduced service intervals due to oil dilution need to obtain a copy of two very important JLR plc documents. They are available at the following web pages:

      1) https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5379&p=68273#p68273

      2) https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5379&p=108120#p108120

    • #173107
      Edward Lear

      This thread started off with an allegation that a Range Rover Evoque was missold. An important document has just been obtained which proves that the allegation is well-founded.

      This document suggests that dealers were told in advance about DPF problems and clearly warned NOT TO SELL Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport or E-PACE diesels to customers with low average speed and/or short duration drive cycles, either urban or rural. The advice was specifically targeted at potential D8 platform buyers, directing dealership sales staff to sell petrol versions or suggest other JLR diesel models.

      When I bought mine no-one at the JLR dealership involved said a word about these known problems and I was suckered into buying a vehicle that needed servicing every 6,000 miles, despite it being used mainly for long journeys driven at national speed limits. Eventually (luckily) it broke down, needing a new DPF and EGR cooler and, because this happened twice, I was able to get rid of it using the legal rejection process provided by the CRA 2015.

      Has JLR leaked its own document to push responsibility back onto the dealerships leaving them to pick up the bill for thousands of rejections that they know are coming? They definitely need to save money and warranty costs have been identified as a major area for concern following the announcement of another £385 million loss in the first quarter ended June 2019. So anything is possible.

      This is excellent news for any customer who feels that they were missold a transverse 2.0L Ingenium diesel SUV because it finally proves the existence of an exhaust architecture fault which causes excessive Oil Dilution and DPF clogging.

      It also shows that JLR KNEW ABOUT IT.


    • #173327

      Thank you very much for the information, that document is coming with me on Saturday morning when I go to Harwoods for the fifth time (!) this year to have the DPF sorted on my 2017 Evoque. We’ll see if they STILL insist on blaming me and my driving for causing the fault lights to cone on without warning.


    • #173869

      OMG I feel physically sick reading all of these posts. I have a 2017 Evoque, which has had DPF problem from around 6 months after taking registration. It is currently with the dealer for the 9th time. I have been told it needs a 3rd DPF replacement ( the 2nd was less than a month ago). The dealer also informed me that the last one was done as “good will” and the car warranty does not cover DPF more! The good will was never mentioned during my last visit. I contacted JLR customer services who told me over the phone the DPF is covered under warranty! However, they range me back a couple of days later, after doing some investigations to inform me that, actually it’s not covered under warranty because there is no fault with the car but the problem is my driving style!!….! I was speechless and immediately have contacted the Motor Ombudsman. I’m thinking now that I should also contact the financial ombudsman? I have also phoned JLR financial services who I am leasing the car through and they are obviously reading from the same script as the dealer and customer services, questioning my driving ?? absolutely livid, I’m currently using a RAf car (discovery sport PETROL) provided by JLR assist, am I within my rights to refuse to take mine back and keep this until my issue is resolved? Also, is ther a time limit to “reject ” a car under a lease scheme, as I,ve had mine over 2 years now initially thinking these faults were just bad luck?

    • #176497
      R Hanley


      I have got a 17 plate Evoque which has been into the dealership on numerous occasions with the same recurring problem – blocked DPF. Up until the car was approx 6 months old I would get an amber warning light notifying me to take the car for a run – which I would do. Since then I no longer get the amber light – it only ever goes to red. I am told that the exhaust is not getting up to temperature to burn off the soot particulates hence I am not getting an amber warning light as it is a slow build up.

      My car has just come back from the dealership yesterday with the 5th new DPF fitted. The LandRover technician that came out to my car had said that it was showing that a regeneration occurred recently and that my car had only done 53 miles since then – this in itself is ludicrous!

      My driving style has had to change since getting this car – I have resorted in having to take the car onto the motorway, every other weekend, for a run of 3 junctions driving at 70mph in 4th gear. This tends to keep the car out of the dealership for approx 4-5 months – this is a journey for the car, not for me!

      The dealership, JLR and lease company have all stated it is down to my driving style as I only do short journeys etc. All have rejected my wish to reject the car and I have now got an ongoing claim with the Financial Ombudsman since January of this year.

      The reason for my post is that something was highlighted on my invoice which I received yesterday and I wondered if anyone had access to this information – it states the following:-

      Confirmed DPF Warning Light On Dash – Found Fault Codes Stored in System – Found Land Rover Bulletin Related to Issue.

      I have never seen this last part before on any of my invoices – has anyone else? I have downloaded all the other documents which were posted on the Discosport Forum to back up my claim but this bulletin has never been mentioned before – can anyone shed any light on this?


    • #176786


      I have a 2016 Range Rover evoque which I bought last August. Within 4 weeks of having the car it was in the garage for DPf issues.. the same occurred two weeks later. Then had issues with the adblu about 3 weeks after that which caused smoke to come from the engine. This carried on for a few weeks before it was resolved. Other issues occurred where glow plugs etc were replaced. I raised a complaint with my finance company at the time and they stated I needed to give them a chance to fix it which I did.

      The car was ‘fine’ for about 4 months until my service light came on prematurely in May. A full oil and filter change was done as oil dilution was above the acceptable limit. I’m now 3 months/4,000 miles later and my service light is on again which is due to the oil dilution again. I am being told this is possibly due to my driving style? But I’m driving 25miles daily at 60mph for 30minutes. I was sold a car on the basis I would stick to 8,000 miles per year, yet they’re saying I need to be driving longer distances to ensure the car works properly?? What absolute nonsense!

      I am aware that after 6 months it is my responsibility to prove that the issues I was having within the first 6 months are related to the issues I am having with the premature service/oil dilution.

      My finance company are disputing that these two issues are not related?? They are right? Has anyone had any luck with rejecting their car with similar issues?

      Thanks in advance!

    • #176902

      I have a case opened with the Financial Ombudsman, does anybody know roughly how long it is taking for cases to be heard, given that these are not isolated issues?
      My car has been sat in the dealers since I refused to take it back (early August) and began my complaint, now the dealers are starting to put pressure on me to take some action.
      I just thought now that the Ombudsman have a president with cars with these issues, are their cases being dealt with more quickly?

    • #176918

      My case was opened with The Financial Ombudsman in Jan 2019 and I have just written another follow up letter as I received a worrying generic email from JLR related to AdBlue and DPFs with a link through to their online ownership manual.


      Please see the section about the red warning light with the asterisk underneath…..this is surely an add on to their original warranty cover as my handbook states nothing about the DPF not being covered. My car is only 2.5 years old, with 5 new DPFs fitted. As with everyone else that has had the same problem JLR are stating it is my driving style as I do short journeys only, school runs, grocery shopping. So in a nutshell this car is only suited for customers that spend most of their time on a motorway, not an off-road vehicle as Landrover was predominantly renowned for!

      I can honestly say that in my 34 years of driving experience I have never ever had a vehicle so unreliable as this Range Rover Evoque and the day cannot come soon enough when I can be rid of it.

      • #176962

        That’s interesting. I have never seen that before and it certainly wasn’t available information when I took my car in May 2017…. obviously been introduced as a disclaimer for future customers but, doesn’t apply to customers prior to this becoming public!
        I’ve just today received a recall letter in the post – “N220 – Emissions related recall – Range Rover Evoque- Engine System Upgrade” asking me to make arrangements to get the car to the retailer for a software update, well mine has been with the dealer since 3rd August when they informed me that the latest DPF issue wasn’t covered under warranty and remains there. They have started to put some pressure on me to get the car moved but, initially the Ombudsman advised me not to take any action regarding the repair until the cause of the fault was established.
        I’m absolutely gobsmacked that JLR are doing all of this, rewriting literature, recalling their cars, yet still refuse to acknowledge there is a problem ….!!!
        I guess they are hoping most people will either take it on the chin or give up with their dispute because of the inconvenience and lengthy process.

        NOT ME..…!

      • #177017

        I am in the same mindset as you Redali – I am not giving up. Fortunately for me I currently have my Evoque on the driveway so am mobile for now (still very anxious when I get in it though wondering when the Red Light is going to make it’s appearance again as there is no way I am going to pay for the next DPF to last only a few weeks). Thank you Legal Lennie for the links – I have printed off some of the info which I hadn’t found before and will post it to the Financial Ombudsman today to again back up my case.

        Could I ask how many people have actually contacted Watch Dog and is it worthwhile everyone that has been affected with this DPF issue to all submit their complaint on their website so at least that way if more than one complaint goes through around the same week then we might stand a better chance of being represented on TV and JLR will then eventually have to admit to the design flaws which have caused so many people so much heartache and inconvenience

    • #177002
      Legal Lennie

      Someone on the E-Pace forums has just had a rejection accepted by Lex Finance within *4 DAYS*. I strongly recommend that everyone who is suffering with blocked DPFs and/or frequent warning lamps on the L538 Evoque, L550 DS or Jaguar E-Pace visit the web page given below. The successful rejector probably used the latest leaked letter that JLR sent to dealers warning them not to sell D8 diesels to anyone living in a town, city or the countryside. As suggested, follow the links and you will find all you need including an excellent technical description of the causes of DPF faults on the D8 diesels.

      Say you are having DPF problems and your dealer has been telling you that your driving style is to blame. Until recently you had nothing to argue back with, it just degenerates into a subjective, unwinnable debate. But now the tables have been turned in your favour. If the dealer failed to ask about your driving style before the sale took place – after the dealership received JLR’s letter – then you could argue convincingly that the car was mis-sold (leading to an automatic right of rejection under s.11 Consumr Rights Act 2015).

      That’s if they were merely negligent. But if the salesperson concerned had read the letter, understood its contents and then acted dishonestly to secure a sale, they could have committed an offence contrary to s.2 of the Fraud Act 2006, “fraud by false representation”. This carries a 10 year prison sentence on conviction on indictment and, whilst no-one wants to see car traders sent to prison, the threat might be enough in some cases to secure an uncontested rejection.

    • #177003
      Legal Lennie

      The following is copied from www. epaceforums.co.uk

      The underlying engineering issues are described in more detail here:

      Honest John has covered it extensively for the DS.

      This might be helpful for building a case for rejection.

    • #177004
      Legal Lennie

      A final point for people who have owned one of the faulty cars for longer than 18 months. Even if the dealerships weren’t aware of the DPF/oil dilution problem that prevents the D8 diesels from properly disposing of soot and unburned fuel, don’t forget that the manufacturer had known about this well before the first Discovery Sport, Evoque or E-Pace diesel ever left the production line.

      JLR Engineering was fully aware of the issues disclosed in the recently leaked “letter to dealers” as early as 2014-2015. It was JLR’s executive management that coldly and cynically decided to sell the cars without telling anyone outside Gaydon what was going to happen once customers began using them for normal urban and rural driving.

      JLR must bear responsibility for the initial mis-selling and false representation, at least up to its publication of the letter. Prior to the letter, dealers could claim that they were in the dark as much as the rest of us and therefore acted as innocent conduits for JLR’s marketing messages.

      Alas JLR has no-one else higher up the supply chain that it can blame. The letter provides clear corroboration of statements made by several knowledgeable individuals that JLR has always known about the D8 diesel’s exhaust fault.

    • #177639
      stuart robinson

      Wow… going for a test drive of a new Evoque tomorrow, guess what my first question is going to be !!!

    • #177657
      Diane Wilson

      I spoke to Slater & Gordon solicitors yesterday. There was a link on one of the forums for customers to register interest for a potential class action against JLR. So I thought i’d give them a ring aswell to see if I could start a private claim against them. The guy I spoke to told me the Ombudsman were taking 12 months to complete cases….!He said my best bet would be to persevere with them as to pursue them legally would cost me £2-3k and I may not recover the costs, as I would have to prove my driving style was not at fault?He didn’t seem to get that was exactly what I intended to do ….he didn’t fill me with confidence and I honestly thought the burden of proof would be with JLR to prove that the fact that the car actually required a particular driving style which was not expressed at the point of sale or advertised in any of the sales brochures at the time. I’ve left several messages with the guy in FOS who opened my case but so far no reply. Has anybody taken private legal action against them yet?

    • #177699

      The thing I’ve noticed is that when someone shows true grit, a technical grasp of the facts and genuine unalloyed determination to take court action, then the dealer/finance house/JLR always capitulate quickly. Of course they’ll try and intimidate anyone who isn’t up for a real fight but remember this: they cannot afford for this to go to court even once, because the flood of similar complaints could overwhelm them. This is why we all need to keep spreading the word and keep the pressure up. In your case I would suggest that you try speaking to the automotive barrister, Phil, at Stormcatcher. He helped me get all my money back without court action being necessary – in the end all I had to do was threaten it. Don’t give up people, this is an abuse of your trust as customers. And it is 100% winnable.

      Automotive Lawyers

      The word is gradually getting coverage in the press. Honest John, Car Buyer, Parkers, Land Rover Monthly and even Autocar have all published articles on the issue. We are working on getting more coverage and everyone reading this can help by doing their bit. Watchdog is going to cover DPF issues soon and this needs to be one of their top stories. Write to them here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/send/u23123288?ptrt=https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74

      Good PR here: https://www.discosportforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7166&p=109411#p109411

    • #177707
      Diane Wilson

      Thank you Jamesw, this is exactly what I need.
      I have contacted Stormcatcher this evening and will await their response.
      I am absolutely determined to fight this, as you said it absolutely is “an abuse of customers trust” and they should be made accountable..!!
      I refuse to hand over a single penny to JLR and would rather spend my life savings on legal expenses.

    • #178350

      Diane Wilson,


      Evoque, 2016
      I have same issue of DPF, 2nd time gone red since bought in May 2019 and this time it was within few mins in Red from Amber warning. As I note this is technical fault with 2016 Models of Evoque. I am also in the same boat. Can you please let me know the cost of the Auto-Lawyer you are talking about?

    • #178645


      Just give them a ring, the company mentioned above by JamesW.

      It’s an absolute disgrace that JLR are happy to take your money then literally leave you in despair when your issues emerge, knowing full well that their cars have faults.
      Mine has now been sat in the dealers for over 2 months…..this literally makes my head wobble when I think of it

    • #178772

      I have a leased Range Rover evoke, Nov 2016. Very same faults as everyone else regarding the DPF. Can’t believe I’m reading this! They fobbed me off telling me I wasn’t running the car enough. Same story, would do a 2 hour drive on a Saturday or Sunday and by Tuesday the light was on. First time it happened I had a courtesy car for a Month and I’d only had my car for a few weeks. It must have been in the dealership around 10 times the first year. I’ve been finishing work late some evenings and taking the car for a run to clear the filter and it’s taken over 30 mins for the light to go off!!! £360 a month for a car that is very inconvenient and not reliable.

      Shocking that it’s obviously this batch of Range Rovers all same problem with similar purchase dates and they are ignoring it!! Also I got a letter in today about an Emmisions related recall!! Any one else received this letter?

    • #178796

      Yes, I have had the emissions recall also, along with 44,000 others I believe.
      If I were you, I would take steps now regarding your DPF issues. Sooner or later you will be in the position where the DPF won’t regenerate, is out of warranty (probably already as they only replace 2 and the 2nd is Goodwill, regardless of the age of the car!!) and your hit with a £2k bill to get your car roadworthy…….and the likelihood is, it will happen again and again and again….do not accept this awful treatment from JLR.
      There is lots of advice and help from other unhappy customers online, all the links have been provided above.

    • #179151
      Phil Blanchard

      Good document here for all Range Rover Evoque owners.


    • #179281

      I thought my DPF problem with my 17 Evoque was unique and I got a bad piece.
      With so many similar complains I’m wondering if we all are bad drivers or this is basically LR wrong technology they are unwilling to accept.
      I am thinking of removing the DPF. Can anyone say if they have for this successfully. If not my car is useless. I cannot even sell it

    • #179282

      How to remove the DPF for good

    • #182674

      DPF can not be removed as it’s illegal and you will face more trouble as there is a huge fine and your insurance not covered due to modification. These 2016-2017 are bad models by LR and you need to return them by taking legal action against LR. Look through the thread, there is a reference to StormLawyer. I have done it, no results yet but hopefully it will be resolved within few months and will get refund for the money paid. We need to fight, don’t give up..

    • #182737

      Unfortunately I live in a 3rd world country and don’t have the legal backups like the rest of your in the forum does. I bough this vehicle purely on the reliable reputation of the famous Land Rover.
      Here there is no emission law and I would say more than 90% of vehicle don’t have DPF.
      I would like to remove mine to feel stress free and tremendously reduce my maintenance cost of this evoque.
      Anyone know how to successfully remove the DPF

    • #182854

      Hi All

      Can you advise any updates from the lawyer – costs, chances of winmni9ng etc.

      Thank you

    • #182992
      Phil Blanchard

      Updated link to the essential DPF Dilution Guide, a few people not getting it due to the spaces in the title.


    • #184456
      Billy Dillon

      Bought my wife a 2016 evoque
      Her dream car
      It has turned into a nightmare
      We have had it 9 weeks
      Now on its 2nd garage stay dpf
      Land rover told my wife today she would need to pay £1’200 for new dpf
      She has hit the roof
      She now feels guilty for wanting the car in the first place
      Our plan is to now ask them to replace it with a petrol one as we know it will happen again
      In the meantime we are spending all our spare money on diesel for the range rover courtesy car 4 litre
      I wish we had never bought it
      I’m sad for all people being fobbed of
      It is obviously a floor in the design

    • #184536

      You must have warranty from the dealership- what are they saying?Halfords clean the dpf for £85 – I used them. Not a guaranteed fix but maybe worth a try

    • #184759
      Nathan Fox

      To Tommy, Billy Dillon and others,

      The design fault is “systemic”, i.e. it was there at the time of manufacture, it triggers a multitude of related (and very expensive) faults and it is easily shown to have little or nothing to do with “driving style”. The technical arguments needed to win against JLR and its dealers are all contained in the dropbox link provided above. The law firm mentioned previously (Stormcatcher) provides a very reasonable fixed-fee service and has won every case over two years. The reason is simple: there is overwhelming technical evidence and absolutely no defence to the charges of incompetence and/or misrepresentation. But this is costing JLR a lot of money; so they don’t concede easily or quickly – in the end, though, they do always lose. I was one of the very first to obtain a refund following a missold DS and I would encourage anyone who is in doubt about their situation to call the barrister.


    • #185013
      Lolade Kuponiyi

      Paid thousands of pounds for a defective range rover sports sold by Inch Cape Land Rover Derby!
      Approximately 9 months ago, I purchased my range rover sports, 65 plate from Inch Cape Land Rover in Derby. (Pride Stadium)
      From a month of ownership, it has had numerous oil and filter changes and one DPF change. Constant hazard lights on saying DPF is full (without prior warning that it was nearly full – as it should- and therefore due for a long drive.) “service required” light is permanently on.

      It has spent more time in the service room than serving us. After 5 and a half months of this, (this is the short version, major dramas -urg!) I rejected the car under the consumers act. I have written 4 formal letters before court action, Inch Cape has ignored me to date.
      Upon browsing forums and reviews, it turns out I am not alone and this is a common problem!
      There is clearly a latent defect with these models IMHO. I believe that Land Rover were aware of this inherent defect but yet keep selling these cars to unsuspecting customers.
      The turbo no longer works, it struggles to reach 40mph and the poor car now drives like a castrated bull! Needless to say, it now languishes on the driveway!

      I am in the process of engaging lawyers as they refuse to engage in conversation with me. The shame is that, up until now, I was interested in finding a solution to this amicably as I still like the range. But the love affair is now over.

      Clearly, many peoplehave been through this with Land Rover!
      I cannot believe a reputable dealer such as Inch Cape Land Rover Derby can treat a customer this way! This is very disappointing.
      If we cannot trust Land Rover, whom we pay a hefty premium to buy directly from, then whom can we trust?
      Current situation? I am taking another day (my 6th dy off from work for this car) to drive for 2 hours to the nearest inch cape – as they refuse to let me take it to the nearest stratstone- different dealership and so cheaper for them. They are already trying to blame the way I am driving the car! A month into owning this car! really?! I may need to seek legal redress? Please advise. Which channels do you advise? Financial ombudsman? BBC watchdog?Conciliation? Please help!

    • #185015

      Got ours Apr 2017. Had first service last May then after 4000 miles/ 7 months car began prompting for another service. The dealer has said it is because of our driving style even though as I explained we drive a hundred miles every other weekend to see relatives and most of that is on dual-carriageway roads with no roundabouts or lights. In the first 2 years we’ve had the dpf light on a couple of times, once it went to red before we could clean it with a good run and that time the DPF was changed under warranty. We didn’t think anything of it but I can now see that we shouldn’t have bought a diesel. On 3 year PCP contract and originally we were thinking of keeping this car for about 5-6 years, but now not a chance of that. JRL say we should have said what our usage was going to be but from my perspective we have just been driving this car like all the others we’ve had. Previous cars were diesels, both VW and not a single problem with the DPF. Our dealer has said the free oil changes only apply to cars purchased after July 2017 and they have now updated the software so if it happens again it will definitely be our fault. This was not what we expected from the UK’s supposedly top car company. This will be our last one as well which is a shame because the drive is outstanding.

    • #185016
      Lolade Kuponiyi

      I feel the lies , blaming the customer is the worst part!

    • #185163


      LR have started playing game with customers. They have refused to entertain lawyers saying that they can not verify them and they will response to customers only.

      2 months now without Evoque as I have rejected the car and left at the LR Croydon workshop. No point spending money on DPF every month which is £1850. They have responded my complaint by saying no manufacturing issue so nothing they can do.

      My legal adviser will write to ombudsman to raise against the LR finance. Still long to go, few months.

      Don’t loose hope, we have to fight with them to get money back and reject the car.

      Will keep updating…

    • #185392

      I brought my Evoque in 2019. I was not told once about the DPF filter and the fact it will fill up. Mine has been fixed twice and now the filter has been replaced. I have been told it will happen again and then it will cost me approx £1500 because JLR only replace 1 filter. I have complained and said I was mis sold the car. I live zone 4 London and therefore hardly ever go over 30mph and this was known to the salesman. The ‘fix’ is to drive it over 40mph for 20 mins. I am 45 mins away from the M25 so this is a ludicrous suggestion. it was very well known where I live when i brought it. Googling forums and getting a lawyer etc is now my next step and if I am honest I am pretty relieved to know it isnt just me as that is how I was made to feel.

      Now i have a car sat in my drive that i cannot drive because I am scared the filter will go and then i have to pay out £1500. I am so upset, it was my dream car and I have worked so hard to get it.

      Any advice on this subject would be really helpful as I feel like I am fighting a huge company and not getting very far.


    • #185404

      Michelle email jlr-d8-group-action@outlook.com for a list of the resources you need.

    • #189253

      just wanted to give an update on my case. In the new year the ombudsman called to tell me they will be upholding my claim to reject the car and gave me their recommendation. However, since they gave BHF the opportunity to accept or reject their recommendation, my case has been put on hold pending “further evidence” from BHF….
      I’m very curious to hear what this might be, i’ll keep you all informed.
      Has anybody else had any progress with their cases?

    • #189594

      Hi All.

      Evoque 2016 – DPF issue.

      My case is with ombudsman and will have updates soon


    • #193831
      Afshan Raja Kayani

      Hi there,

      What was your outcome?

      I am in this position now.

      I brought my evoque in sept 2017. I have had numerous problems with it. It had a new dpf in 2018.
      The red light is on again and the it is with the dealership. They will not replace my dpf as I had a new one in 2018 and they will not put a 2nd one under warranty. I currently have their velar theh are saying they will come and collect it and will not give me my car back.

      And yup they are saying it’s down to my driving style. I brought the car as I wanted something reliable for school runs.

    • #193834
      Afshan Raja Kayani


      Can anyone advise on what I should do:

      I brought the evoque in sept 2017 brand new from Milton Keynes JLR.
      I was very specific when I purchased the car. I wanted a reliable car for school runs and I had been driving RRs prior to getting this one and didn’t have any major issues.

      I paid a £5k deposit and the rest on finance.

      Fast forward 2020 – I have had numerous issues with the car.. in the first few months it was at the dealership every couple of months for something or another. In summer 2018 the DPF was replaced.
      The DFP amber light has come on several occasions since having a new one replaced however LR assist have been able to fix it or I have taken it for a 20 min drive at 40MPH.
      This time the red light came on straight after the red one. As we are in a pandemic and I am a key worker I was able to take the car to JLR Watford as my local branch is closed.

      JLR have provided me with a car hire. However they will not replace my DPF as they only cover 1 under warranty. They have said the DPF is down to my driving style. They have quoted over £2k for a new one and want me to pay for it. They are threatening to take the car hire back.

      I am unable to speak to my dealership they are closed and so are JLR customer services.

      Can anyone advise how best to deal with this.

    • #193997



      There is a issue with 2016/17 Evoque so either you have to run car twice a month on Motorway to keep DPF clean or log complaint to return car. With ombudsman, the case will run for more than 6 months. Mine is with them since Oct 2019, no results yet. There is lawyer within thread you can use or get advice, he does the same. There is no shortcut.

      Good luck..

    • #196452

      Not a club I really want join. However I’ve suffered same experience . Range Rover sport done 25k and DPF first goes amber and tells me to do 40mph drive for 20 mins which I did. Then soon after goes red. JLR ( Hendy Christchurch) say it’s down to driving style and I will have pay £2200 to fix it.By driving style they mean my use of the car for school drop ( 4 mile round trip) and infrequent long journeys. We Made it clear to the salesman at time of purchase that the car was essentially for the school run, hence mileage was fixed at 8000 PA in the finance agreement. No mention by the car salesman that car would be useless for short journeys and would result in DPF failure. I’ve sent a letter before action to the dealer informing them of their liability for selling the car not fit for purpose and also manufacture product liability. I expect litigation and I’ll keep everyone posted.

    • #196609

      My 2016 Evoque having same issues with DPF now. Beadles Watford says it is my driving style. Guys please update on your fight with JLR.

    • #197264


      Evoque 2016.

      Financial ombudsman takes longer to resolve, may be 6 months to 12 months but that’s the only way to get money back. There are few positive cases. Currently, Ombudsman have formed a team to look after these (DPF) cases so hopefully it will resolve soon, still month or more.

      Mine is with them since Oct 2019. I left car to LR with DPF issue and walked away so no car since then and still paying finance money/insurance etc.

      You can call them and ask for the advice or use solicitor (link in the thread).

      Good Luck.

      I’ll update if there are any further news.


    • #197438

      WON…..Jlr Bhf have accepted the ombudsman decision to reject the car and we have negotiated financial reimbursement. Stormcatcher have been fantastic, I can highly recommend them to fight your case. I’m quite sure we would still be in a very big pile on someone’s in tray if we hadn’t had their expert help… good luck to everyone who has been put through this awful experience through no fault of their own (or driving style) 💪🏻 Don’t give in to them.

    • #197537

      Congratulations Redali.

      Thanks for the updates. Hoping ours will be resolved soon.

    • #198279

      I had the same problem with DPF. In general the model Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 2016 are full of problems, they designed very poor, I really meant very poor and all the people I know have the same opinion. Every months barrage of warning sign. I was shocked when I looked at really review of owners how bad these car are and mis- sold in all sense. If Land Rover not U turn and make change to this car it is matter of time when they disappear from market.I have myself use Land Rover Discovery Sport and will sell it as soon as possible but the person will get it will also suffer. They are very expensive and can become in matter of day pice of garbage. Friend if mine drove Land Rover Discovery Sport outside Uk didn’t have add blue to add and engine stop £ 45 000 was just sold for £ 120 .

    • #198280

      Cupola of suggestions:
      1. There are garage who have special equipments to clean DPF google it and find the one close to you. I paid for mine to clean £240
      2. Sell it as soon you can you will never be happy with Land Rover and all care they manufactured after 2015 is coming with millions of sensors and you will need to have a lots of money to sort them out on months bases
      3. You can write to Land Rover HQ company and tell him honestly that you have mis-sold car and they in many cases agree to replace DPF
      4. Replace it with Toyota or Renault and drive for 10 years without any problem

    • #198281

      2016 Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport have similar problem. Land Rover messed up and brought down the genuine British Land Rover, very sad. I never though that Land Rover car produced after 2015 have very poor deign and very expensive. After having 10 years Renault Koleos I decided to buy Land Rover Discovery Sport without looking at reviews. With the money I bought Land Rover Discovery Sport I could have 2 Toyota with life guarantee.

    • #198282

      All this discussion pointing to one direction. Land Rover manufactured after 2015 whether it is Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 or 2016 Evoque have mis-sold and have mislead customers. This has impacted to the reputation of Land Rover as all and less people will invest in Land Rover. All the real owners reviews suggesting that there fundamental issues with Land Rover. One of them DPF ( I took my Land Rover 23 times to garage in the last 2 years) it cost me fortune and still have problem. I will sell it and honestly not accept if anyone offer me free Land Rover. I don’t know what went wrong but Land Rover needs revolution or shout down producing car that expensive, full of problems and becoming most unreliable among any car produced worldwide.

    • #199806

      For those of us in Australia, has there been a similar forum been setup as I know lots of people including myself having the same issues. I have an MY17 Evoque and has only done 26,000km in 2 years been back to the dealer 3 times and about to go again. Same bollocks of ‘its your driving style’ and was also told on the last visit not to use cruise control on long journeys, sure doesn’t tell you that in the owner’s manual. Sounds like a job for Slater and Gordon!

    • #203442

      Hi – same issue with my newly purchased 2nd hand 2017 Evoque.
      Dealer wants £2k2 to fix it. I have booked it in at a local independent garage who can clean the DPF and change the over-diluted oil for £350.
      No amber warning, justa staright to red and into limp mode.
      Dealer is being extremely shifty and relays all issues back to JLR. They know there is a serious underlying problem, but can’t admit it. Sales manager admits to being ‘in a very difficult position’ over this. His demeanour tells you all you need to know really. . .

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