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Mitsubishi Outlander lack of power

Home Forums Technical Discussions Mitsubishi Outlander lack of power

This topic contains 1 reply, has 0 voices, and was last updated by Avatar John 1 year, 8 months ago.

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    I had contaminated fuel in my tank and the vehicle started to lose power. I had my fuel tank drained a few times and each time it got a little better, it then got to the point where the car would struggle to get to 60mph and would shake violently when going up steep hills.

    I then got my tank taken out and completely cleaned along with all the fuel lines and a new filter, the mechanic said he now thinks the problem could be the fuel pump that is in the tank and is the only one the vehicle. He could not order a new pump as the chassis number could not be found on the system, so I had to take the vehicle to a Mitsubishi garage and the fault codes they picked up were to do with the glow pugs and he told me that was that was to do with the lack of power and not the fuel pump, he also did not test the pump as he said he would.

    I’m not a mechanic but I was told by many other mechanics that it was likely to be the fuel pump and probably not the glow plug problem as they are only used to start the vehicle. The problem has been progressive over a few years and after long drive from Germany to the UK, it was the final straw for the car. The symptoms are as follows;

    Driving in local towns between 30 – 40 Mph = no problems

    Over 40 Mph the car bucks and struggles to 60 mph and on hills it bucks, shacks hard and stalls. It is clearly fuel starvation, but can you tell me if glow plugs have any affect or could even have an affect on under boost

    the Mitsubishi garage said this was the most likely cause and the reason I have no power.

    can you confirm this before I let them loose on an expensive repair bill

    The vehicle is a:

    Mitsubishi Outlander elegance
    2.0 DI D
    year 2008



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    Hi, How did you get on with your outlander?
    was it the glow plugs or was it something else?
    Cheers, John

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