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      I’m looking to buy a new / nearly new car and looking for some advise in negotiating with the dealers. I’m not new to owning cars but I change my car very infrequently and not had a lot of experience buying from dealers, plus negotiating is not my strongest asset.

      I’m now in a fortunate position where I can afford a decent amount to buy a car and have arranged with a couple of dealers to have test drives. There was a possibility that I could have had the JLR family discount but that has not worked out, which is unfortunate as a 20% discount on the list price would have been perfect.

      Is there a typical discount range that you would expect to get, are there any things that they can easily throw in to sweeten the deal, and are then any best times to agree the deal (e.g. end of month)?

      Many thanks for your help & thoughts

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      Dag Hammar

      Have you looked at the CarWow website ? It works by you narrowing down which car you are interested in. Submit you choice(s) on the website and you should get back six quotes from dealers that are interested in doing business with you.
      You can pick one of the six if you want to proceed or if you don’t, then at least you have a very good idea of what price you will have to pay to purchase the car of your choice.
      Of course, if you are trading in your existing car the whole pricing and cost to change becomes less clear.

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      Hi – Thanks for the response. I’ve had a brief look on carwow, for the one entry I’ve tried so far they all seem to be PHP – I’ll persevere with other models that I’m considering.

      I do not have a trade in car, so that makes life a bit easier

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