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      I purchased a new Mercedes taking delivery in March 2018. The car was delivered to my home address, I was shown around the car, from the visual walk around all seemed well (but I did not get down on the floor and inspect the underside of the car) I signed the delivered note.

      Now 4 months later I have received a letter from a solicitor seeking insurance details for the vehicle, as it was involved in an accident the day prior to the car’s delivery to me. After seeking details of the accident, I have inspected the underside of the car in the area of the suggested impact and find evidence of damage on the underside of the rear of the car consistent with the alleged accident.

      I am less them impressed that I am now fielding solicitors letters and letters from the Motor Insurers Bureau seeking to identify the driver and insurers at the time of the accident. More importantly, I am concerned that I have been delivered a brand new £50k car that has been damaged.

      The dealership claims not to have been made aware of any accident, as they use a 3rd party delivery agent and have not been advised of an incident. The car is on a PCP deal with Mercedes Financial Service.

      I feel conned that I have been delivered a brand new luxury car, that has been damaged and they only way I find this out is through a solicitors letter seeking to claim for damaged / injuries to a 3rd party.

      What are my option, can I reject / return the car?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Bruce. I find it difficult to believe that the dealer would know nothing about an accident that happened the day before delivery.

      If there is visible evidence of damage underneath, it presumably would have required some rather rapid repairs to be done and it seems unlikely that a delivery company would have arranged this without informing the dealership.

      A dealer is not obliged to disclose minor repairs on a new car prior to delivery, and it happens far more often than car buyers realise. However, if insurance companies and legal firms are involved then it must have been a fairly expensive repair.

      You will need to get to the bottom of what has actually happened and who authorised what repairs before you can determine your course of action.

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