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New clutch, potential gear problem? (Fiat Punto)

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      So on the 31st December, I bought a Fiat Grande Punto. Driving it home I didn’t think there was anything wrong however until I had to stop on hills or slight ramps I noticed there was no bite point.

      Anyway I contacted the guys who I bought it off and they have just dropped it off today after fitting a new clutch.

      I’ve only took it for a 5 minute drive to check and by heck there a bite point! However now I’m concerened because the pedal is really easy to push (might be fine) but the gears are abit stiff (unless this is normal since it’s had a brand new clutch.) and sometimes there is a weird smell not quite burning or anything like that. It’s hard to describe. After googling it’s saying the gears may not be linked up properly or something or there’s air somewhere and may need bleeding.

      Will it just take time to settle down as it was only fitted today or do I need to take it to a garage?

      Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

      Sorry I don’t know all the technical terms only been driving just over a year.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Claire. I’d suggest taking it to an independent garage for a second opinion. That way you will have something concrete to take back to the seller.

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