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      Hi all

      I used a car leasing company to broker a new Mercedes. The finance company was separate.
      The car was delivered ten days ago and a full inspection was not carried out on delivery due to poor lighting (it was 5pm) and a note was made on the delivery note to this effect.

      Three days later, I noticed a slight crack in the windscreen. This for bigger over the course of a few days. The car has not moved from my driveway since delivery.

      I informed the dealer and they denied responsibility and this went on for one week. The crack got bigger in the meantime. I referred them to the delivery note and rejected the vehicle.

      They have now agreed to accept the car back.

      My question is: do I have any legal right to insist on a replacement car of the same model and price? And if so, who would be liable? The car lease broker, the finance company or the dealer?

      Many thanks

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Dylan. I think you’d be hard-pressed to reject a car under the Consumer Rights Act for a cracked windscreen. It’s easily replaced, so I would expect the dealer to fix the windscreen and re-deliver the car.

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