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      I have paid a deposit on a 2nd hand 2016 Fiat500. The dealers description says it has Air-Con but after looking at the car again it doesn’t. The dealer has a disclaimer which says that the descriptions are only basically generic to that model and the actual car being sold may be different. As the description contains other details which ARE paerticular to that vehicle I naturally assumed that all the description allied to that vehicle. Do I have any redress. I have not yet paid the balance. What are my rights as a consumer.?

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      Dag Hammar

      I would say that firstly you need to decide “Do I like this car enough to own it even though it does not have air con ?”
      If you don’t, and you really want a car with air con, then this Fiat 500 is not the car for you.
      Did you print the description of the car advert ? If you have a print copy that states it has air con then that puts you in a stronger position.
      At some point, and the sooner the better, you are going to have to go back to the dealer and make clear your disappointment. If you still want the car, negotiate a lower price. If you are put off, ask for your deposit back.
      If you end up with your deposit back, go and look at a Hyundai i10 or a Kia Picanto. A much safer prospect.

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