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      Aaron Trenwith

      A friend of mines son has purchased a car on PCP online. He has no license nor a provisional, he had done all the paperwork online in mid September, and it has passed his 14 day cooling off period. He didn’t inform his dad he had done this and then he has asked his Dad now to travel up to pick the car up for him. Seeing as the car hasn’t been picked up yet he was wondering if it is possible to reject car or return it. He doesn’t care about loosing the deposit or money already paid, but wants to reject it as the lad has no idea of when he’ll have a license as he’s currently in Army training.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Aaron. I’m not sure how he managed to get a PCP if he doesn’t have a driver’s licence.

      He can’t reject the car if there’s nothing wrong with it, and he’s past the 14-day cooling-off period for his finance then he can’t simply walk away from that either.

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