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    My husband paid £500 to the VW dealership last tuesday to order a brand new Touareg via a Contract Hire agreement. He didn’t sign anything, apparently its a holding deposit? We didn’t get t’s&c’s to read or any type of paperwork.
    As its brand new we were advised that it could take up to 6 months however we got a phone call to say one has come available off their ‘hot list’ and could be with us as early as November. Its a different colour and slightly more expensive than we had hoped but it is a true contender and its better than waiting 6 months.
    Today my husband has discovered the cost of insuring it is about double what he was expecting – its £1100 a year.
    This has threw us completely and now he wants to cancel the order completely however we don’t know what our rights our to get the £500 back? we haven’t signed anything for the deposit or the finance agreement yet – can you please advise what our rights are?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Aisling. If you don’t have a written contract or receipt for the deposit, it’s difficult to argue why you should be getting your money back.

    Eventually, if you argue long enough and keep annoying the dealer, they will probably refund your money. But one of our Golden Rules is “never give a dealer money until you are 100% confident you want the car”. And another is “Always get everything in writing”.

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    Hi Stuart,

    The past 4 weeks I have attempted to get car finance for cars for my son and I. The dealership advised PCP on 2 brand new cars. One credit check with experian was rejected. The second one vw underwriters finance, I was told was accepted by the car dealer on 22/10/16 whilst in the garage. I was promised delivery of my car 25th October and signed the contract on 22/10. The salesman told me to phone for my free 5 day insurance to prepare for the car coming on the 25th. I did this. The 25th came and I had to phone the dealer to ask where my car was. The salesman spoke to me saying “ooh I’m stressed” the finance company want more information you can’t have the car. I parted with £100 deposit and my son with £300. It seems I’m unable get my credit as was informed by the dealer. I feel like I’ve been lied to and I’m fed up of the stress. I’m not sleeping properly. I want to cancel and get my deposits back. Am I entitled? Thank you.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Linda. Yes, you should be able to get your deposit back if the dealer’s finance company is unable to provide finance.

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      Hi Stuart,

      Thank you for your reply 30th Oct. Further developments and much more serious. Following on from my previous email I told you I’d been summoned to the car dealership 22/10 to sign my contract for a new car. My son was having problems getting credit but I said I’d be guarantor. Whilst there the salesman said sign these also to update your sons credit info. The sales manager was party to this. 30th Oct I received a phone call from salesman saying your son is getting his car delivered Monday. Very suprised as they’d told me he couldn’t get credit. My son doesn’t live at home but contacted me to say a car had been delivered that Monday but not the one he ordered. It was a used car different spec. To cut a very long story short the salesman had duped me into signing bottom of a contract form for this car. I’ve been into the dealership after being told continually I had done it. It has emerged someone had forged my signature on the buyers section of the contract which was in the middle of the form and hidden from me. Funds were released by the finance company. Therefore I had 2 contracts in my name and a car we didn’t order or authorise. I had no contract…. Nothing. The general manager is investigating and says its ‘black and white’ fraud. He spoke to me for an hour on telephone trying to make sense of it all and apologising. He said he would investigate and offered me petrol money? I’m insulted and still, as in my previous email very upset. It was deliberate deceit to gain business and they deceived the finance companies also. I got deposits back immediately. I don’t want to leave it at that.. A few I’ve confided in told me it’s a police matter? I’m not verbally discussing anything with them now and getting everything in writing. I would appreciate your feelings or thoughts on this. How do I proceed. Thank you

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Linda. If someone is forging your signature on financial documents, that is fraud and a criminal offence. If you can prove this, then you should definitely be reporting it to the police. You should also be contacting Trading Standards, Volkswagen UK head office (I understand it was a Volkswagen dealership?) and the finance company involved.

      The finance company should immediately cancel the finance agreement and commence action against the dealer. I have no idea how promptly the police or Trading Standards will respond.
      You should not be driving the vehicle if it has been supplied via illegal means. The dealer will need to collect it and take it back while they sort out their mess, but in the meantime you should be working on the basis that it’s not yours to drive.

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