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      Ken Moss

      I have a 64 VW Polo on a 4 year PCP. The warranty expired 1 month ago and I am now told that the ECU needs to be replaced at a cost of £2000. What can I do?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Ken. If the car has a full Volkswagen service history, you can try and push for some goodwill payment to cover the costs. I’d also scour any owners’ forums to see if anyone has had the same problem – it may be a known issue for that model.

      If you don’t get any joy with either of those approaches, your wallet is probably going to be £2,000 lighter.

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      Vicky Wynter

      My touchscreen does not work on my 2017 match edition polo. VW claim repair bill will be around 1300 and have said its had liquid aurfreshener leak into it. Funny thing is, i left the empty liquid airfreshener bottle on the floor to be binned. It was never hung by the stereo. Had it hanging by steering wheel. Im not convinced. They sent me the video of the check of under the car, tyres, breaks etc. No video to show what they found once stereo screen was removed though. I feel like ive not had good advice by them. Help!

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      Darryl Haddaway

      I have a Honda CRV on PCP over 4 years , the warranty on the car is 3 years , as Honda technically own the vehicle and I am leasing , who is responsible for repairs ( not wear and tear stuff ) after the warranty expires in the final year of the contract as this car has been a pup since day 1 and have asked Honda for a replacement but they refused .

Viewing 3 reply threads
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