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      Jane Lord

      Hi, I handed back a 3 year old Mercedes in May last year. The company who tried to arrange the inspection were poor so I chose to take it back to the dealer I bought it from, the dealer principle agreed to take the car and did not do an inspection. He said he would get the car back to Mercedes GB. Months later I am now being sent shocking legal letters saying I owe for slight damage and over millage – with no inspection, surely I do not have to pay this? The car had no damage when we left it in the dealership carpark almost a year ago. And the Miles were also not noted at all. Nothing was signed and no employee did an inspection of the car. Where do I stand?

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      I too have a similar issue: I am half-way through a PCP deal with VW. I went to get a valuation of my car. The dealer entered the mileage and registration number into a website which returned 3 values (excellent, fair and poor conditions). They offered me the ‘fair’ valuation, without physically looking at the car’s condition. When challenged, they said that it would not make a difference as they always offer the ‘fair’ valuation. I believe my car is in excellent condition with significantly less mileage than agreed and has extras added (dealer added SatNav). Are they allowed to do this? Should someone physically inspect my car? I feel cheated.

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