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      AvatarPaul C

      I am 3 years into a 4 year PCP finance contract on a ’14 reg Nissan Juke.

      The car recently developed major turbo issues and requires an entire kit replacement, totally a cost of £1260 for parts, labour and VAT, even with a 75% (parts only) Nissan Good Will contribution.

      For a couple of reasons, I am disgusted that I should have to pay a single penny towards this work. Firstly because all I have heard since this has happened, from mechanics, a vehicle recovery driver and even a Nissan employee (in no way involved in the situation), is that this is a very common problem in Nissan Jukes and all indications are pointing towards there being a design flaw in terms of the 1.5litre diesel engine simply not being big enough to cope with the size of the car.

      The fact that I have also been told that the actual turbo itself will be on back order for up to 6 weeks only reaffirms this.

      At no point have I even been offered a courtesy car to keep me mobile during this ridiculous wait. I have therefore incurred further expense of a hire car for the first week after this happened, as well as the excessive overuse of my partner’s car and asking for lifts from various people, as and when possible, just to get to work and back.

      I need a car and would actually just like to wash my hands of this current contract completely and hand the keys back without paying a penny for the repairs needed.

      I am eligible for voluntary termination of the contract as I am so far into the term, but I am unsure exactly what the dealership could do to stop me from simply walking in there, handing them the spare keys and paperwork, refusing to pay a penny and walking out.

      I believe I will also owe an amount for going over the agreed mileage per year, but have since read on here that finance companies cannot charge for excessive mileage?

      I guess my main problem at the moment is not really understanding exactly the relationship between the dealership and the finance company, nor the powers they each have or the realistic consequences of me refusing to pay and simply handing the car back.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Paul,

      Firstly, the dealer has nothing to do with the finance company once you take delivery of the car. The finance company pays the dealer for the vehicle and you are now paying back the finance company. If you want to terminate your finance agreement, you need to notify the finance company and they will be responsible for arranging collection.

      With regard to your engine problem, if you’re not happy with the customer service being provided by the dealer then you can complain to Nissan GB head office. It may or may not get you very far, but they may be able to arrange a courtesy car to assist or expedite your case. I’m not aware of any inherent problems with the 1.5-litre diesel engine, but it’s unlikely to be related to the engine size being too small for the model and failing through being overloaded – it’s more likely to be a design or manufacturing issue.

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