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      I bought a car privately from an Auto Trader advert approx. 4 weeks ago. Within two weeks, warning lights come up including the ECP light and the emissions control light. This was occurring regularly so I took it to my mechanics.

      They have had to do a lot of work which will cost approx. £950. They say parts were put in incorrectly and the seller was a mechanic who said he worked on the car although the issue in question isn’t on any of the MOT, service documents.

      We both signed a declaration at the time that the car was bought as seen and the seller put a line in saying no commitment after this sale. What I would like to know is do I have any rights as the car was taken to the mechanics within two weeks and has been with them for over a week?

      Can I ask the seller to part pay, fully pay for the extra costs or do I have no rights as it’s a private sale and I signed the declaration, including the line saying no commitment after sale?

      Any advice would be appreciated.

      Many thanks,

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Raj. It’s a private sale, so you have no real rights. You can ask the seller for whatever you like, but if he says no then you have no strong comeback.

      You could try taking him to court if you think you can prove that he advertised the car falsely, but your chances are probably extremely slim.

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