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      Laura Harvey


      Can anyone offer some advice please?

      Two weeks ago we purchased a second hand Skoda Superb 2.0 elegance TDI CRG 62-plate with a full service history but has 129,000 on the clock.

      The local garage did not offer a warranty but stated any problems with the car to let him know.

      Last Saturday the glow plug system light came on whilst on a long journey home from Maidenhead. The management system had put the car into an emergency state and I was unable to accelerate above 70mph on the flat and even less going up hills not only this but the exhaust inspection system light came on also.

      We called the AA so that they could run a diagnostics and tell us what the problem is. He told us that the AGR valve was blocked. We have taken the car back to the garage today for them to take a look at it.

      My question is should we have to pay for any repairs for this problem?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Laura. It’s not compulsory for a dealer to offer a warranty on a used car.

      If the problem is significant, you can potentially reject the vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car.

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