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      Hi all,

      Sorry if this is the wrong thread I’m fairly new.

      I wasn’t really sure where to ask so thought I’d start here? I took my 08-11 Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi to my local dealership for a service and an MOT. As it was there I had a call in the middle of the day saying it would need a bulb and 2 tyres that were pretty dam expensive each of which I said go ahead.

      I got a call back at the end of today saying they had replaced the two tyres and the bulb and it had now passed its MOT. However, they then said that as they were driving it out of the garage the ‘EGR valve had split’ and spilt coolant everywhere and now it won’t be fixed until Monday as they shut the garage part over the weekend. They offered me a courtesy car which was nearly 200 quid which I declined.

      I don’t know enough about cars and it never seemed to have any problem before. I got it under a year ago with 40,000 miles on and only do motorway miles. I’m now being asked to pay an additional 150-200 nearly and I have to miss Monday work now. I guess my query is how easy do these things break as it seemed fine before, is it odd that it would happen at the garage it seems a tiny bit suspicious.

      Also, would this be something my warranty should cover?

      Thanks for any help In advice I may be just being paranoid

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Jake. Anything can and often will break when least expected – I don’t know if this is a common problem with this model Vauxhall; you’d need to look at Vauxhall owners’ websites and see if other people have reported the same problem.

      £200 for a courtesy car for the weekend sounds massively expensive. You could rent a car for a couple of days for much less than that!

      Things like tyres are always best checked before taking your car in for an MOT. Once it’s there and it fails, you’re largely at the mercy of the workshop unless you want to take the car out, get the tyres sorted yourself and then pay for an MOT re-test.

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