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      AvatarMohammed Patel

      Hi I bought a new Range Rover Vogue in March 2018. Since taking delivery of the vehicle Its had multiple faults come up.

      List of faults
      Side steps faulty
      Door handle
      Rear camera
      Rear seat functions

      All except one issue was resolved the rear seats function. My vehicle was booked in for repairs in June 2018 it was in the dealer for a week for updates etc…. unfortunately the rear seats needed a part on backorder with no date for delivery. I then sent the dealer an email informing them if the vehicle is not repaired in 14 days I will reject.

      21 days later I receive an email stating the part did not work and they are working to resolve. As this was one week after the deadline I then sent the dealer a letter of rejection stating why I reject giving the dealer 14 days to refund my money. 1 week after my letter of rejection as I left my car with the dealer as its part of the rejection procedure they carried on working on my vehicle and emailed me a week after my rejection informing me it has been repaired. I responded saying I’m sorry I rejected the vehicle a week ago and stand my ground. I have lost all faith in the vehicle and no longer want it.

      Today I received a call from the manager informing me that Land Rover has declined my rejection and I should take it up with the finance company now.

      Actual problem with the seats made it not fit for purpose, as once rear seats fold down they do not raise again essentially making a 5 seater car into a 2 seater car and I have a family of 5. This making the car of no use to me.

      Do I have a ground to maintain my rejection? I understand it is now repaired but as it’s spent 1 month in the workshop out of 3 I no longer have faith in the car. Besides at the time of rejection is was faulty and they had 2 attempts at the repair. Please help?

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      AvatarMohammed Patel

      Basically can the rejection still go ahead if they repair the issue 1 week after the letter of rejection has been issued. Please consider this was the dealers third attempt to repair. Im not confident its a permanent fix either. But not willing to take a risk either.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Mohammed. If you formally reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act, it doesn’t matter what Land Rover says as it has nothing to with the manufacturer.

      You reject the car to dealership that sold the car, via the finance company as it is their car. As to whether the car can be considered genuinely faulty under the Consumer Rights Act, it would depend on the nature of the fault and whether it is easily fixable.

      Obviously, if the rear seats are not functioning correctly then the car is unable to perform its required function of transporting your family, and that would seem to be valid grounds for rejection – especially if the fault can’t be easily repaired.

      The dealership has presumably continued to try and fix the fault after you rejected the car to try and convince you to accept the repair, but you are not obliged to accept it.

      Ultimately, the dealership is not obliged to accept your rejection and can decline it, which they have done. That means it is now up to you to escalate the matter further, which means either calling a lawyer or going to the Ombudsman.

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