Rejecting a new car past 6 months of ownership (BMW 4 Series)

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      I purchased a new BMW 420d on 1st March 2016. In April 2017, I had a message with drivetrain error on central display. Dealer replaced EGR valve. February 2018 the same error code reappeared, the dealer replaced second EGR valve. March 2018, same fault, the dealer replaced sensors. April 2018, error code again dealer replaced the third EGR valve again and full engine wiring harness.

      I believe I have to prove the car was at fault from new and provide evidence of this irrespective of the amount of EGR replacements. I’d have to pay for an independent report before challenging BMW (dealer)

      Any advice would be welcomed.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi David. Yes, in the first six months the dealer is obliged to prove that a fault was not present at time of sale. After six months, it’s up to you to prove that it was there at time of sale.

      What does work in your favour is that it was a new car, so you have the right to expect it to be faultless. However, after more than two years of ownership it is difficult to argue that the whole car should be considered faulty and that you should be able to reject it.

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      Heather Young

      Heathersa82 22 minutes ago O2 sensor failure on 2018 Ford Fusion with less than 50miles
      I just purchased a 2018 Ford Fusion with only 25 miles on it. the very next day the car started dying while reversing out of my drive way. it would drive a few blocks and die again as I approached red lights. sometimes it would take several attempts to start only to die a few blocks later. I also started to smell burning from the ac vents. I took it straight to dealership and after troubleshooting , they finally said it has a faulty o2 sensor which they are replacing . I only had this car for 12 hours and have issues. I understand things happen but I am concerned that other things will start to happen due to this failure? I am spending a lot of money on the purchase of the car so I want to know if I should do anything else like not get the car or ask the dealership for the same brand but not this exact car that has the issues. I am also curious how the car passes emission testing with a failed o2 sensor?

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        Stuart Masson

        Hi Heather. You appear to be in the USA, and this is a UK site. Your state and federal laws are very different from what we have, so we are unable to provide any advice as to what options are available to you.

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      krzysztof krol

      hi i purchase audi q7 April 2018, after 10 mounts of driving i get dash lights (reduce oil level) when i buy car from dealer they told me that service is every 19000 miles or 2 years which ever come first i say i make 5000 miles per year so they say in Your case service will be every 2 years i say ok, now on monday i give car back to dealer i get call today and they told me that this is my fault that i drive not enough miles and its something happen in engine
      and they want to charge me for fixing £300 but i have 5 years warranty, i want to reject this car as nobody told me that 5000 mile its to low driving miles when i purchase this car car now have 3.900 mile and its still with dealer what i can do in this case as i will drive same with this car every year and after 5 years warranty engine can develop big issue as diesel in oil can damage engine. Regards Chris

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