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Renault Clio 1.2 – clunking exhaust after engine change

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      First off, I don’t own this car and I’m trying to determine whether it’s worth it offered in trade for my dad’s boat as he’s either looking for a car or £400-£500. If the problem is easily fixed then it seems like a great value trade, and as it is my dad is urgently trying to get rid of this boat.

      The guy who’s offered this trade on gumtree has stated that it’s in good condition but it sounds like the exhaust is clunking while driving. He bought it 6 months ago with a 12 month mot. He said it ran lovely but after 3 weeks the alternator belt snapped as he was driving and he had to replace the engine, and it’s since then he starting hearing this sound which makes him think the exhaust wasn’t fitted properly. As he purchased it for temporary use and then bought something bigger, it’s just been left unused for most of the time since. He states that the clunking should be an easy fix for a mechanic.

      What’s the take here? Is it likely to be a simple thing where I take it down to the garage and pay a hundred quid or so? Or is there potential for a lot of trouble and expense? Any questions I can ask the guy to figure out the problem?

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      Stuart Masson

      I’d be very suspicious of anything you can clearly see/hear/smell/touch when appraising a car – especially if you’re not a trained mechanic who can verify what the seller is telling you. And always remember that any story that the seller tries to spin is probably untrue.

      Gumtree is pretty much the wild west for shifting broken or stolen crap, so I’d be very careful about assuming a car will only have cheap repairs. If it sounds too good to be true…

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