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Right to reject (MG GS)

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      Dear Staurt,

      I’m looking for some advice we brought an MG GS from a dealer local and the car has been back 4 times and we have been informed today it will need to go back again. There is a battery sign that keeps appearing and cutting out features on the car, the car has a knocking sound and the screen keeps going blank. We have had a new BCM and keys also within the last 3 months (we just got the car in July). We want to know if we use the final right to reject would we have reasonable ground to do this?

      Many Thanks

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      Stuart Masson

      Sounds are difficult to argue, and the screen going blank is not a fault that stops the car from being driven from A to B. So the Consumer Rights Act may be a difficult path to go down unless the car is unable to be driven.

      You may be better off pushing MG to replace the car with another one. If the dealer is not being helpful, take up the matter with MG’s head office.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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