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      chris pearce

      Hi I purchased a Jaguar XF in October 2017 from a non-Jag dealer full history but non-Jag dealer. I Have taken finance on this vehicle and was £20k at point of sale, over this last week I have had numerous issues with the functioning of electrics, climate control has ceased working, all different lights on dash coming on and off, the list goes on. took it to a auto elec to diagnose and it was found that the main fuse box was water damaged on the drivers side.

      originally we thought that the windscreen was not sealed correctly but after researching and ringing around I managed to speak to a local Jag specialist and they informed me of a known fault that was issued out by Jaguar in Feb 2017 on a technical service bulletin

      “The cause is from the electrical wire from the washer bottle level/pump, water tracks along wire with capillary action this then tracks back to fuse box and causes issues with electrical systems or causes fuse box to short out and blow. This then causes failures to vehicle electrical system due to the electrical short, this may have causes issues to other electrical control units within car. There is a technical bulletin with Jaguar dealers to this failure”

      my question under the CCA 1975 Protect me as the vehicle has been in my possession since October 2017 It has been proven that there is a known fault on the vehicle before I purchased. So far the bill has cost me £1100 to replace the main fuse box now I need to take it elsewhere to get the pump replaced etc…

      Can I reject this vehicle, or enforce that the dealer, finance company pick up this cost?

      Please help

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Chris. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you need to prove that the fault was present at the time of purchase.

      Even allowing for the Jaguar technical bulletin, it’s entirely possible that the wiring was functioning correctly at point of sale and the fault only occurred after you purchased the vehicle.

      In terms of recouping any costs you have incurred due to the problem, you are probably going to have to go back to Jaguar (via an official dealership), however if you don’t have a full Jaguar service history then the manufacturer is unlikely to be cooperative.

      Your best chance of getting the problem properly fixed and getting any expenses refunded is to get some professional legal assistance, although that will obviously cost you money as well.

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