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    Hello all, been a while since I’ve logged on due to annual leave.

    Last night I was out on my mountainbike when I saw my first Jag F-type.

    I actually heard it before I saw it and at first glance I thought it was an Aston. But as it got nearer it clearly wasn’t and it looked immense.

    It was the V6 version, main giveaway (other than the central exhausts) being the reg, “V6 XXX” (didn’t get the last 3 letters). It was black with the roof down and the driver was giving it some. Wish I could have seen more of it, but a seriously cool looking car!

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Yeah, I’m curious to see it in the metal.

    My biggest concern for the car is that Jaguar and its willing media lapdogs have built up so much hype around the F-Type that it will be difficult to live up to once the honeymoon period ends.

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    In all honesty, it hasn’t been a car that has interested me much in the reviews etc. I haven’t read much on it, just glanced at the articles and thought it looked ok.

    But seeing it yesterday really grabbed my attention. It just looked right and, to my eyes at least, nicer than it did in any pictures I have seen.

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    Coincidently I ride past the Jaguar garage in Norwich every morning and when I looked in the window on the way past this morning I noticed they have one in their showroom. I thought right Im going to go in there in the next couple of days and see what they look like in the flesh..I’ll report in a couple of days.

    "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and bad preperation"

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    For me one of the great things about cars and their designs is that they’re dynamic. A car can look bad/ok in pictures but if you see one out on the street, or better still being gunned down a good A-road they can transform into being magnificent.

    I notice that the Ferrari-McLaren argument continues both heated and unabated on the Autocar website. Some people use the crowd around the Ferrari stand as being the real indicator that it is clearly more desirable.

    However, at the last two motor shows Ferrari have had a huge video screen showing magnificently crafted videos of their cars being properly, and i mean properly, driven. The F12 (is it? the one with a builders bum) left me fairly cold looking at it on the stand. But on that film, being hustled along a private road it looked awesome.

    And the dogfight between two 458 Italias around a circuit is also top drawer filming showing off the cars fantastically well.

    That is why i would argue the Ferrari stand had such a big crowd, that it made for a much more dynamic stand compared to the McLaren stand, and that cars can look much better on the road than they do in static shots and why you thought that the F-type looked a lot nicer than expected joseph180.

    Do i need to be more concise!?! :)

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