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      Hi, I have a Mercedes A-Class and am 2 years into a 4 years deal. Mercedes quoted me approx £600 for my first service which I refused to pay. Instead, I had it done at my local garage.

      My second service and MOT are now due. Where do I stand with wanting to hand the car back at the end in terms of penalties as I haven’t been able to get a digital stamp?

      I should’ve looked into this more but am now left in a position where I’m wondering has the damage already been done and will having a second service done locally matter?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Chris. The finance company will almost certainly charge you for not having the car serviced by a Mercedes-Benz dealer if you hand the car back at the end of your PCP.

      For more information, have a read of our article about this very topic.

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