Should I reject my 1 month old BMW X5?

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      Hello, I ordered a new BMW from the local dealer. Car arrived after 10 wks for build & shipping. After getting the car home I noticed that the rear bumper was too low & the car had some scratches. It went back into the dealers for 5days who realigned the number & polishes out the scratches. I was happy with this.

      Then after driving the car around for another week I found the driver’s footwell was soaking wet. Again back into the dealer to find the problem. This is when things went very wrong.

      They found the issue( a cracked air conditioning unit faulty when built). The car was gone for 7 days. The front seats, dash etc had to all be stripped to fit the new part. When it was delivered back to me I could not believe what I was seeing. The interior was completely ruined. It looked like the inside of a ten-year-old car. Covered in scratches, nothing fitted anymore, everything stained with oil fingers prints, missing underlay, there was damaged to the outside of the vechicle. I have over 20 photos of damaged parts. It was unreal, I straight away got on the phone and the manager came to inspect my car, he couldn’t believe what had been done & how it had been treated.

      He has offered to get all of issues put right. Which will include lots of parts being ordered from Germany. Do I let these people touch my car again, I’m worried it will not ever look new again. Should I reject it? I appreciate any advice, thank you

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Simon. As you are outside your first 30 days of ownership, you can still formally reject the car but the dealer will be entitled to one attempt to fix the problem. If they can fix it, you lose the right to reject the car.

      Given that your issue is not whether the air-conditioning is working but the superficial damage caused by the dealer, it’s probably not a good case for the Consumer Rights Act. Your best bet is to pursue a full fix through the dealership, complaining to BMW UK if they are not being adequately responsive.

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