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Skoda Octavie 2009 1.9tdi Acceleration fault

Home Forums Technical Discussions Skoda Octavie 2009 1.9tdi Acceleration fault

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    So just got a Skoda Octavia 2009 1.9tdi, 180,000 miles (ex-taxi – reguarly serviced).

    After a week I’ve noticed that it lacks acceleration.

    After roughly 4/5 miles, the engine does not exceed 2,500 rpm and although it will happily sit at 70mph getting there takes an age, and uphill sees a distinct lack of power and overtaking is a no-no due to my lack of confidence in the car.

    After stopping removing key, on start up the acceleration is back to what it should be IMO, have tried both letting car cool down and starting again immediately, but same again after 4/5 miles – loses power.

    I’ve only done 3 or 4 journeys over 15 miles or so in the weeks or so I’ve had it, and the Engine Management light has now came on, came on just has it lost power accelerating through the gears.

    I’ve disconnected the MAF sensor and went on a run, same problem – fine until 4/5 miles.

    Connecting the MAF sensor back again – same story fine for 4/5 miles.

    I’m guessing that it probably done 80-90% city driving so exceeding 50mph would be few and far between.

    Next course of action is the garage to get checked out, but if anyone can give me pointers as to anything I can check out, to ultimately save the garage time and me money :)

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