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      I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this for me.

      Back in June 2019 I have purchased a vehicle from Evans Halshaw and couple of days after found faults with gear box, steering and oil in coolant some weeks after!
      The dealer was kept informed of the situation via email and post where I provided all the evidence, following refusal to sort the situation out I went through small claim court.

      Now we are at the questionnaire stage where I and the dealer requested an expert witness (mechanical engineer) to verify if the issues were there at point of sale.

      My concern is that I have continued to drive the vehicle as I have no other way of getting to work and driving my family where we need to be, I have done around 2,300 miles however the evidence I have provided showed there was issues with gear box and leak in the coolant tank. Would I struggle to prove that these issues were present a point of sales? In my opinion (although I am not an expert) I have provided evidence of these issues 2 weeks after I purchased the car and they are still there as I haven’t fixed it. so the defence might try and play the card of the number of miles I have covered has caused these issues ?

      Your help is very much appreciated.



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