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    Hi I really need advice I have a 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK love the car and thought I would never part with it but have had 5 scary incidents when cruise control would NOT disengage when I used the brakes so don’t use cruise anymore. Now I’ve had 2 incidents when I’ve been driving for 2 hours at 60 to 70 then started to brake and the car power surges forward and increases speed then the brakes DON’T engage. The last one the car was out of control for nearly a minute I had to use the handbrake to slow went through a red light at a roundabout at 60 mph and had to turn the engine off and on to regain control.

    My biggest problem is drove home very slowly rang Mercedes-Benz who collected vehicle then sent me a video of their brake inspection saying my car has no faults. I don’t know how I didn’t seriously injure myself or others and cars had to swerve to avoid me and my car was skidding all over as I was trying to manoeuvre. How do I progress with Mercedes-Benz as I don’t want to drive the car anymore?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Ali. The fault is presumably not in your brakes but in the cruise control, as it is not disengaging when you apply the brakes so you are basically applying the brakes and accelerator at the same time.
    In terms of how you proceed: if the car is under warranty, you should be able to chase the warranty provider to get the cruise control repaired. If not, then you should pay to get it fixed or alternatively get the cruise control permanently disengaged (pull the fuse, cut the wires, etc.).
    I’m not sure why you’ve kept using the cruise control if it’s causing this problem – you say that you’ve had this problem five times now, yet you keep using the cruise control. Why?

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    Sorry I haven’t made it clear, think I was still in shock. This is my first car with cruise control. The first 3 times were the cruise control and I wasn’t sure if I was using it right and doubted myself so I haven’t used the cruise control functionality for well over a year and prior to the incidents didn’t use it much not having it before. The incidents last week which were only a day apart I was not using cruise control but do think it must be related because of the way the car power surged forward and speed increased.
    Mercedes Benz dealership have escalated and are being helpful but still no further forward identifying the problem. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I will ask them to check the cruise control fuses etc.

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