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The F-type

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This topic contains 6 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Haz 6 years, 3 months ago.

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    Well the car magazine websites are littered with first drive reports and the car has been very well received. It looks good to me, esp the hydraulic steering, but am I the only one that doesn’t like the name?

    A lot of discussion has been about how it relates to the Porsche line up. Here in the US I am wondering about the C7 Corvette. Since going through bankruptcy, GM has finally ditched the badly designed, cheaply built, heavily discounted formula and has been building some very good cars indeed. I’m guessing the C7 will be a quantum leap from the C6. The three F-types cost $70K, $82K and $93K. The standard C7 convertible is estimated to cost sub $60K and to be very close indeed to the V8S in performance. Possibly won’t be cross-shopped but times change. Over here Audis used to be considered crap.

    Can’t wait for full tests of both!

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    At the moment it “looks” to me like a very expensive alternative to an SLK. Granted the “entry” level F-Type probably has equivalency to the AMG SLK, and not a 200, but I just feel that it should feel altogether more special for the money they are asking.

    The interior is my main beef. I’m sure the materials are high quality and it’s all very well bonded, screwed, and hung together but it just looks very ordinary.

    I’m sure, however, it will be a great success for Jagrover.

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    For the last few years we have known the F type was on its way, and whilst Jaguar never put a price on it, they obviously lead the magazines to believe it was going to be MUCH cheaper than it has ended up.
    So i dont doubt its a great car, but for me the appeal has all been lost. Quite why a Jaguar (which has questionable reliability) should be priced above the BMW and Mercedes alternatives is beyond me.
    It may be they make cheaper versions (and are a bit more generous with the options list) as the car gets older, and the usual huge Jaguar discounts should be available after the initial demand fades.
    If they drop the supercharger but add a manual box to the V6, and can get the price down below £45K it might draw my attention, although it would still look very expensive compared to a base Boxster.
    As for the comparison with the Corvette, i dont think it stands a chance. If the C7 came here with RHD I wouldnt look at the jaguar

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    The prices are phenomenal. I assume Jag know what they’re doing but they will not outsell Porsches and I thought the name of the game was numbers in that the more they sell, the greater the overall profit. It seems they’ve opted for exclusivity which may starve off depreciation and get return custom.

    Very colour dependent car for me but I’d love to drive one, the V8 S in red please! :-D

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    rich_uk wrote: It seems they’ve opted for exclusivity which may starve off depreciation and get return custom.


    I’m not so sure, Rich. I think once the initial demand has been met, these will depreciate just as badly as the other cars in the range. As a result of the fuel consumption, I think you’ll start finding used V8s coming in at the same price as used V6s within 18 months.

    I’m not sure about it yet. Put alongsdide certain rivals, it does look very expensive, but then, in my opinion, it makes an SLS roadster look very expensive.

    Lots of silly talk on inferior sites about it being as quick as a 911 Turbo. Never in a million years – this is a quick car, but not in that league.

    Some comedy clips on Youtube show an XKR seeing off a 911 turbo. Having owned a 5.0 XKR and a 911 Turbo S back-to-back, I can confidently say the Jag wouldn’t know which way the Porsche went.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I am sure the F-Type will do well, and that it will generate plenty of profit for Jaguar in the short-term. But it does seem eye-wateringly expensive, and I’m not sure where the sales will come from. The adoring British motoring media have listed it as a competitor for pretty much everything under the sun, which suggests that they don’t really know what it’s principal rival will be.

    I don’t think it will hurt BMW Z4/Audi TT/Mercedes-Benz SLK sales too much, but Aston Martin must be getting worried that current Vantage owners will be looking to trade their current cars for F-Types. Porsche may suffer in the short term, but I’m sure the 911/Boxster/Cayman will survive.

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    I think Aston Martin could learn a lot from the F-Type. Aston Martin are struggling to keep their product lineup fresh, and they lack the investment and expertise to start rolling out new platforms and engines. They are instead continuing development of the VH platform from the DB9, and the only engines they have to play with are the 6.0 litre V12 from Ford, and the decades old AJV8 from Jaguar. This is massively holding them back at the moment because all their cars look the same, feel the same, sound the same. They really need an evolution.

    But then look what Jaguar has achieved from the Ftype. Yes, their budget is bigger. But the Ftype uses a shortened platform from the old XK. It uses a modified engine from the XKRS, which itself is a modified AJV8 unit. And yet the Ftype has a totally different character to the XK.

    And theres my point. Jaguar have done a good job with the FType, you cant tell that it was born from old components. Why cant Aston Martin follow suit?

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