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      I am planning to buy a car to use in the Southampton area. But I will be driving to London every weekend which is a 240-mile round trip journey.

      I have a £4k budget, and looking for something reliable, fuel efficient, petrol and comfortable on the motorway.

      I came up with some options so far
      1.8L Avensis
      2.0L Honda Accord
      1.6 Auris
      1.6/1.8 Civic

      I had three Toyotas and a Honda Accord in the past. I loved driving my 05 Accord (150k mile) but it gave me some headache over the years (electrical issues). I would love to buy another one but I don’t know if it can be hassle-free like an Avensis. or if the Avensis and Civic would be as comfortable a ride as the Accord?

      Also, I rarely see any Avensis on the roads in the UK, is there a reason for this?

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Arsalan. Both Toyota and Honda usually score very well for used car reliability in all the surveys that are conducted every year, so any of those cars should be a good starting point.

      After that, it depends on your needs and preferences. The Toyota Avensis and Honda Accord are larger cars than the Toyota Auris or Honda Civic, so it will depend on how much room you need in the back seats and the boot.

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