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      Hi, long story short left a deposit for a new car told to pick up next week and it’s a model below the one she wanted. Now what to do – lose deposit or pay more for next model up? I think she is a fool for not checking but she is new to car buying.

      Thanks, karl

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi karl. Unless she has some kind of proof that she has been mis-sold, then she’s signed a legally-binding contract to buy that car.

      In that case, her options are probably as you suggest – either walk away and lose her deposit, or pay extra to get the car she actually wants.

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      James Conway

      Like Stuart said unless there is strong proof that the car she wanted was not the one she was sold then unfortunately there isn’t much she can do other than take the L on her deposit.

      This happened to me when I picked up my Clio, I went expecting a light blue car and ended up with a grey rust bucket.

      Because I signed all the paperwork I had no choice but to run it and ended up making just scrapping it.

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        thanks she has beening silly and didnt check her paperwork i got my son to check and its was for the right model and she has her new car now and is happy thanks anyway karl

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