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      John cook

      My friend got a car from Arnold Clark which is a few years old , she had 60 days warranty on it ? She has had it just over the 60 days and the air bag deployed while the car was stationary which injured her . Arnold Clark say she will have to pay a £100.00 to get a diagnostics test done on it which she will have to pay and no curtasy car till next week . Where does she stand on this

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi John. If the car is out of warranty, the dealership is entitled to charge you for a diagnostic test or inspection. And there is no entitlement to a courtesy car.

      It may be worth looking at whether it’s worth trying to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act.

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      My son bought a car from Arnold Clark 3 months ago. The head gasket has just went on it. We have called them they’re saying he only had a 60 day warranty. Where does he stand with this?


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