Used car breaks down less than 24 hrs later?

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      Vanessa Jones

      My daughter did spur of moment madness yesterday, brought a 2009 BMW 1 Series from used car garage.

      She was accepted for finance of £5,000, few hours later she picked car up signed papers (only has 6 months MOT and 3 months warranty) this was 6pm last night, this morning at 7am she set off for work which is 7 miles away and car engine light came on, mph dropped to 20 and she managed to literally roll into work!!

      Help am waiting for 8am to phone garage but not clear on her rights, it’s her first time getting finance and she did it all alone with no help from me or her dad so we not happy.

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Vanessa. Until you know what the actual fault was that cause the problem, it’s impossible to say what her next step should be.

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