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Used Peugeot constantly cuts out

Home Forums Buying a Car Used Peugeot constantly cuts out


This topic contains 3 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Stuart Masson Stuart Masson 1 year, 7 months ago.

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    Bought a Peugeot ’07 plate 4 weeks ago from a used car dealer, we accepted at the time that it may perhaps need a new battery as they had to jump start it to get t going.
    In the 4 weeks I’ve had it it has constantly cut out, the radio and clock are re-setting themselves and it now looks as though there’s a significant oil leak which could cost in excess of £300 repair.
    Didn’t see at the time of purchase that the MOT cert shows oil leak as an advisory note.
    What are my rights, can I return the car to the dealer for a refund or ask them to make good the repairs?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Max. The cutting out could well be related to the battery going flat, as it often leads to ongoing gremlins – and jump-starting the car without following the manufacturer’s specific instructions can cause trouble. Modern electrical systems have to be carefully managed, and simply plugging leads on and jump-starting the vehicle can break stuff.

    With regard to the oil leak, you will need evidence that it is significant and enough to render the car faulty. An MOT advisory does not have to be rectified by a dealer before selling the vehicle, so you are basically going to have to show that the leak is more significant than the MOT notice suggests.

    If you are past the first 30 days, you can formally notify the dealer of your intention to reject the car, but they will be entitled to one chance to fix the problem(s). If they can do so, you lose the right to reject the vehicle.

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    Peugeot owner

    Hi Stuart,

    This is my first ever forum message, so sorry if it’s not clear.
    I bought a Peugeot 2008 (plate 64) 16 000 miles from a dealership in October with 3 moths warranty on it (Peugeot warranty has ended just a month after I purchased a car).
    10 days after dealers warranty has stopped I was driving on a motorway with my family when engine fault light on the dashboard and lost engine power appeared, the car went into limp mode and the maximum speed I could reach was 30-40mph. The car was toed back to home address by recovery firm, but next morning the warning light was off and car was drivable again for 10 days after the same diagnostic lights appeared on the dashboard.
    I took the car to Peugeot garage and after full investigation by mechanic-two engine faulty parts discovered. The main being an intermittent fault with number 3 injector (nature of fault short circuit between two wires) and the second fault with turbo pressure and new turbo pressure solenoid valve needed. The quote to solve this problem was £1100 (parts + labour + VAT).
    When I purchased the car from a dealership it had 3 services done: air filters changed, oil changed more times than advised, engine didn’t have any repair done.
    When I spoke to the dealer about the engine issue appearing 4 months after buying the car and the cost to fix it, I was told that it’s not their problem, because when I bought the car, the diagnostic lights wasn’t there, so car was fit for sale at the time.
    Going through Consumers Right Act 2015 and having a car only for 4 months, do you think a dealership is right saying that it’s my problem to solve the issue, because when I purchased, there was no problem with the car (no diagnostic lights on a dashboard). How would I know that the engine problem which appeared 4 months after wasn’t there when I bought a car?
    Many thanks for your help!

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