Used Citroen C3 problem (my rights)


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      First of all can I say hi everybody as i am new to this forum.
      About a month and half ago I purchased a Citroen C3 Desire i got a loan out for £1600 its a really nice car i was desperate for a new car as mine was falling to bits and i wanted something reliable so i thought i need to spend more money than previous i found this citroen only done 36000 mile on an 06 plate
      i was buying it from a dealership not far from home
      when we purchased it he made me sign a piece of paper saying if anything went wrong with it i am buying it as i have looked at it and that he wasn’t liable for anything after purchase

      when i bought it i looked online at used car warranty which i purchased

      now the cylinder head gasket has gone and it keeps overheating after a month and half of owning it

      i have looked online and it says i can make the dealer pay towards the repair within 6 month but he made me sign this piece of paper do i have any rights as the only way of knowing if the head gasket is gone is by checking the coolant after its been run it goes a rusty colour, if they replaced that coolant before it went on the forecourt you cant tell if the head gaskets gone

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      I’m hoping someone can give me some legal advise regarding the car I purchased 11/10/16.
      I purchased my car for £1800. Included in the agreed price was a new timing belt and service.
      I agreed to buy the car on 09/10/16 and paid £100 deposit and collected it on 11/10/16.
      I noticed a smell and taste of fumes when the fans were used and put this down to a possible spillage as the car had the above done and hoped it would disappear. There was also a stutter when I started the car as if it was sick, but the mechanic had told me he put a new battery in it as well the night I collected it.
      I had been suffering from a sore head for two weeks and seen the doctor the day after emailing the dealer regarding the smell and taste of fumes. The doctor put down to cluster migraine.
      I took my car to the dealer which is about 80 mins away and organised a lift home.
      I collected it two days later and on the journey home thought I could still smell fumes but as the dealer had fixed the problem I thought it was all in my head. Two weeks after this the dash bleeped and said oil pressure was low. We stopped immediately and my husband walked to the nearest garage as the dip stick was below the level of oil. When we got home we checked it again and had to buy more oil. That night I put a piece of cardboard under car and checked the next morning and there was clearly and oil leak, not a puddle but it was leaking oil.
      I contacted the dealer again and he emailed me back to say the mechanic would contact me the next day. I was contacted the next day and told that a new front part of the exhaust was replaced as I had said the fumes were coming from there. I had no Idea where the fumes were coming from and had not said that. he went on to say he did not want to leave me without a car as his two workshops were snowed under (this means very busy in N Ireland)and as soon as he had a slot he would get the car in. He told me to keep checking it for oil each day. I ask was it ok to drive and he said as long as I checked the oil. That was over a week ago and I still have not received a call. The car is stuttering in all gears now and the rave dial is going up and down when im traveling at the same speed. I’m baffled and now just want to know what I can do about the problem that was not resolved the first time and have concerns now regarding the damage these fumes may be having on my health. I bought a carbon monoxide device and have it in the car as I had a blood test last week that showed a high level of carbon monoxide. This wee device has not yet indicated anything but over the last 8 weeks between the headaches and now the blood results I’m wondering is it the car safe to drive.
      Please help

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        Stuart MassonStuart Masson

        Hi Francis. You can try to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act, but it is somewhat difficult with cars which are older or have high mileages. Given that you only paid £1,800 for it, I am assuming that it is fairly old or high mileage.

        It does sound like the dealer is spinning you various lies in the hope that you will go away, so you will probably have a battle on your hands to reject the car and get a refund.

        The issue does sound fairly serious, so you would probably have a good case to reject the car, but if the dealer does not want to co-operate then you would need to take legal action to pursue the matter. This runs the risk of costing more than you paid for the car, and still gives you no guarantee of success.

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        Thanks for the advice will let you know how I get on.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Mark. Your rights will depend on what this piece of paper you have signed says. I would have thought that it is unlikely it could override the Consumer Rights Act, but you are likely to need professional legal advice.

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      Hi there.

      I changed my c8 to a c3 stupidly but thought I was getting a good private deal as the c3 is an 0606 plate with only 45000 miles. After 6 month head gasket went and the. That was just the start of all my car troubles. I.took it Halfords and paid 450 for a new head gasket … then housing unit went, then there was leak after leak and now it just over heats. I fill the water tank up more than once daily….. there’s no leak so where is all this water.going? I’ve had the system bled last weekend and today it’s hissing around the housing unit and almost in fire until I released the pressure…. anyone any clue? It’s also got apparently a new radiator that Halfords fit as the bust a pipe that was spitting oil on to the radiator and my car was lucky it wasn’t in flames said the AS!

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