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      AvatarDaniel Clarke

      HiI would appreciate some advice on a situation that has arisen with the purchase of a used car (Mini Cooper) for my son.

      After the first day of driving the vehicle, a loud knocking noise was heard from the engine. I was advised not to drive it to limit any further damage and I contacted the second-hand dealer who recovered the car to assess it. They replaced the auxiliary belt and tensioner kit and a water pump tensioner and the car is ready to pick up.

      My concern is whether there is further unseen damage to the engine (the knocking was very loud) and whether I can demand a full refund despite the fact that the dealer has repaired the car. I would appreciate some advice.

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Daniel. Util you definitely know what the fault was, it’s impossible to say whether it is significant enough to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act.

      You can’t reject a vehicle because you’re worried that it may have a fault. You have to demonstrate an actual fault present in the vehicle that is significant enough to render the entire car faulty.

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