Vauxhall Corsa won’t start after 7 months w/o use

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      Hello all,

      Having bought a new car, I left my old 2001 Vauxhall Corsa with about 60k miles on the clock parked without being used over the winter. I’ve been trying to get it to start since April, wanting to MOT the car and sell it.

      • First, the battery was dead. So I went and bought a new battery and replaced it.
      • Car still wouldn’t start, and figured it would need new petrol, so I added some (not a full tank, but about a can-full).
      • Both measures helped, but now when I turn the ignition, the car roars into action, sounds great for a second (I mean literally a second, not a moment), and then falters and peters out.
      • In short, the car is unable to keep the engine going once started.

      My aim is to get the car roadworthy and sell, ideally after MOT. Problem is, I don’t want to pay for a mobile mechanic or anything like that as I’ve already put some money into it, and it will eventually reach a point where I’ll potentially make a loss if I fork out too much, so hoping it’s something I can fix myself, like spark plugs.

      I know it’s hard to diagnose without seeing for yourself, but if there’s some consensus or sound advice then it will definitely help me make a decision.

      Any advice will be hugely appreciated – thanks in advance.


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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Jason,

      If you’re a member of the AA/RAC or similar, you can call them out to look at it and it won’t cost you anything.

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