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Why won't my car start in cold weather?!

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      Heather O’Neill

      I’ve had my 2011 Nissan Micra since new.
      Every year it won’t start in cold weather. Every year I vow to sell it then ignore the problem once spring arrives.
      This morning it didn’t start. The car was built in India so may not like frost but
      I find it hard to believe the car can’t cope with a few degrees lower temperature, I live in Newcastle UK not Canada but it only happens on particularly cold days.
      I had read specific oils struggle in colder temeratures so my oil was changed during a service last January.
      I’ve got an open car port so can’t heat a garage and assume blankets over the engine would be a fire hazard.
      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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      Stuart Masson

      Hi Heather. Usually, cold-weather starting problems are related to the battery (not great for electric vehicles!). However, a mechanic would be able to tell you more by actually looking at your car to determine where the problem lies.

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