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    Hello, I have a real gripe at the moment about wing mirrors on new cars. For some reason car manufacturers are starting to attach wing mirrors onto the main body of the car door rather than where the A pillar meets the top of the door at the far corner towards the bonnet. First seen I think more on people carrier style cars but now it’s on hatchbacks, saloons, estates etc. I was just woneeding if any one can cast light over why they are doing it. Personally I think it looks very ugly and puts me right off a car. Many thanks. Chris

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Chris. I believe that it is a combination of aerodynamics and acoustics, from various things I have read over the years (although someone else might have first-hand knowledge).

    Mounting the mirrors on the door panel creates less disturbance in the airflow by allowing air to pass between the mirror and the window/windscreen pillar, which means less wind noise inside the car and saves a tiny fraction of fuel as well. Obviously it depends on the overall car design, as one solution won’t necessarily apply in all cases.

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    Hi Stuart many thanks for your reply. Hopefully the cars I like won’t go this way. All the best. Chris

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