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  • in reply to: Aston Martin Vanquish deliver charge… #66251

    As if there is some kind of rules regarding this I could apply this rule more or less to all premium super cars. To at least have approximate figures :)

    Thanks again. :)

  • in reply to: Aston Martin Vanquish deliver charge… #66250

    Hi Stuart,

    thanks so much for your reply :) Yes I need a breakdown. But because I am not a buyer the dealers are not too helpful. :(

    Was wondering if there is some sort of government rules what can you charge for these things.

    I am impartial price analyst for automotive industry and that why I need this info.

    Thanks so much :)

  • in reply to: What Gap Insurance will I need on a PCP #66215

    Thank you for reply and your help.
    Car was brought for £8474 and I put down as deposit £1300, leaving balance at £7174.
    I took this on a PCP deal @ 35 mthly repayments until a final payment of £5699 to repay the full balance of £9,637.76. I am not going to be paying for the car as I will swap it out again for another model after 3 years. But there are 3 options of GAP insurance and I am confused of which one I should be taking out?
    Can you advise? Many thanks :-)

  • in reply to: Car wheel alignment question #66126

    From 11 years of experience in vehicle engineering I can tell you that the graph looks good, you have nothing to worry about.

  • in reply to: Disable Peugeot 207 Fault display? #66069

    Thank you. The local Peugeot dealer charges £90 for a diagnostic check, so… I’ll live with it.PSmith

  • in reply to: Can anyone tell me what this connector is? #65686

    Great – thanks!

  • in reply to: Conditional sale agreement #65462

    Can I do a VT on this type of contract?

  • in reply to: Conditional sale agreement #65460

    I have a final payment of £10k if I want to keep the car or I can walk away?

  • in reply to: BMW E46 M3 #65438

    i Think its a best car . Because of its look wise, Pickup wise and setting wise its perfect

  • in reply to: Cooper s convertible roof issue #65424

    Let a dealer check this! ;-) Often at no charge.
    But i think you have to invest some money into the worn part. Maybe a sensor or an electrical motor!

  • in reply to: Clicking noise under my dashboard-SEAT LEON 2004 #65321

    Maybe a connection problem between a relay and a control unit. A faulty relay or rather a faulty control unit! You see.. could be everything. Go to your friendly garage and let them check this. But i believe it is nothing serious.

  • in reply to: Renault Clio fuel gauge problem #65320

    This should be a job for a garage. Sounds like a faulty fuel pump! The sensor for the fuel gauge is integrated in the fuel pump.

  • in reply to: PCP – cancellation rights #66294

    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

  • in reply to: PCP – cancellation rights #66277

    Hi Stuart, I have found the website very useful, and especially this thread. I was hoping you may be able to advise me. I am planning on buying a 6 month old Honda Civic from a Honda dealer. I could pay cash for it, but will probably pay via PCP to get the 3 years free servicing. I would then settle the PCP within the first 14 days. However, I am unsure if I would keep my free servicing. I have friends who have done this using VW finance and kept the free servicing, but unsure on Honda. Are you aware of other Honda finance customers who have done this? Thanks

  • Thank you again
    In my case, I understood that they are allowed to keep my deposit, despite the fact they spent only few pounds (they were awared 4 days after the purchase and the car sold 4 weeks later). That would be the answer of the Council if I file a complaint.
    So….what could be my strategy? if there is one?
    Thank you.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 460 total)