It’s our birthday! The Car Expert turns 3

It's The Car Expert's third birthday!

17 October 2014: It seems like a long time ago, yet it also seems like yesterday that The Car Expert popped up on the World Wide Web. But it was exactly three years ago today, and to celebrate we’ve given the site a complete going-over to make it look better (and hopefully run faster, too).

What started as a simple one-man exercise has exploded into the multinational juggernaut you see today, touching millions of people around the world (note to self – we should probably keep this bit for next year’s birthday post).

Over the last year, we have seen our readership increase nearly five-fold, touching nearly 100,000 pageviews per month in recent months. Our social media presence also continues to grow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, tumblr and LinkedIn – so if you are not following us on any of these channels then please do.  Our forum continues to expand as well, and has provided a great knowledge base of information for thousands of car buyers with questions regarding their purchase.

In the last twelve months, The Car Expert has been recognised once again as one of the Top 3 automotive blogs in the UK and been a finalist for Best Automotive Blog in the UK Blog Awards. We have reported on riding in a Lamborghini driven by The Stig (well, former Stig), crushed cars in tanks, driven up the famous Goodwood Hill at the Festival of Speed and given away a Supercar Driving Experience to one lucky reader.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year. So what’s in store for Season Four? Well, I can’t say too much but we plan to diversify a bit, spinning off a couple of new sites to cover different aspects of automotive culture so that The Car Expert can focus on delivering the best possible consumer advice to car buyers. We’ll be entering the UK Blog Awards again, so please get ready to vote for us when called upon. We are always on the hunt for quality guest authors, so if you are interested in writing for us, have a read of our requirements.

Advertising has been strong, and regular visitors will have probably noticed that we have trialled a few different types of advertising to find a happy balance between maximising revenue and minimising intrusion. The ads you can see around the site are sourced from Google’s AdSense program, and work via two methods: 1) when an advert is displayed on your screen, The Car Expert gets a very very small amount of revenue. Over thousands of pageviews, this starts to generate small but measurable income; and 2) when you click on any of these ads and are taken off to the advertiser’s website, The Car Expert earns a more substantial amount of income.  Now Google is very strict that I can’t encourage you to click on any ads, so consider this explanation to be educational rather than encouragement…

We also run regular sponsored articles, where an advertiser pays to have an article featured on The Car Expert. These sponsored articles will always be clearly noted as such at the start of each article, as well as on our social media links.

It’s been a pretty hectic year, but it has been worth it. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site in the last twelve months (and even more thanks if you’re still reading this now!), and I hope that we can continue to provide you with even more car buying advice and automotive news for a long time to come.






Stuart Masson
Owner and Editor,
The Car Expert

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