Honda CR-Z: the sporty hybrid

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The Honda CR-Z is a sporty hybridWhen it comes to cutting-edge design and innovation, Honda has become a world leader – and its latest model, the CR-Z, is no exception.  With this vehicle the company has gone in a new direction, unveiling a sporty new hybrid which combines environmentally friendly driving with Honda’s keen technological know-how.

Here the Japanese manufacturer has created a design that is simultaneously sharp, eco-friendly and practical. It is clear from the offset that this model is more than in keeping with the exceptionally high standards consistently set by Honda’s team of talented engineers and creatives.

The CR-Z aims to be the first hybrid car which breaks the mould in a long line of eco-friendly substitutes – and this iteration promises to be a genuine alternative to its gas-guzzling rivals.

The car prides itself on its very greenness, but this time it’s a whole lot more exciting; from the edgy aesthetics, through to the responsive handling, snappy performance and unexpectedly large storage space. Overall, Honda promises it’s an incredibly fun car to drive.

The CR-Z stands tall above hybrid rivals, as owners of this vehicle don’t have to reconcile their eco-friendly conscience against their strong desire for an exciting and capable drive.  The CR-Z offers both. With this latest iteration, the fun and practicality associated with the modern car is kept alive without causing as much harm to the planet (or your wallet in fuel costs).

The impressive tech specs of the car include a 1.5 litre engine that packs a modest, yet snappy 135bhp. While this may seem slightly low for a ‘sports’ model, the vehicle’s vigour and handling of corners elevates it to sport-hybrid status.

In addition, the car dons a manual gearbox, adding a level of pleasure and precision never found in hybrids until the release of the CR-Z. Both the GT and Sport model come with parking sensors, climate control, a USB interface and luxury leather-trim steering wheel. However, the pricier GT model gets the VIP treatment with full leather interior, panoramic glass roof and heated front seats.

Visits to the mechanic should also be few and far between if the Driver Power customer satisfaction survey is anything to go by. The CR-Z was awarded sixth place for reliability, despite the complex petrol-electric engine. This is because the vehicle utilises integral parts from the tried and tested Insight/Civic range, which are well known for their sturdy construction. In addition, the car has a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP – making it one of the safest on the market, as well as the greenest.

In summary, the vehicle offers a desirable blend of style, futurism, drivability and minimal fuel consumption.  Visit the website for more information about each of the CR-Z variations as well as other Honda car deals.

Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car

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